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I have read somewhere that the punishment (correct me if I am mistaken) for Zina, and fornication (I think) is beatings, and for adultery is stoning to death. But then I have also read and it is known that the body is sacred, and given to us by Allah, and that we should take the best care of it as we can. I think this is one of the reasons why suicide is haraam in Islam. But then these two ideas contradict each other, how can we punish someone for their sin by beating or stoning them if we should take care of the body as something which is sacred?

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good question. allah likes to "wash away" the sin with pain appearently.

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Pain? You mean the pain of repentance right? Surely, because it is said the it is better to have sinned and repent sincerely from the heart, and to learn from your mistakes, and to have the strength to not commit them again, than to not have those at all...

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no i mean the physical pain. google canadain iman says stoning is good for the soul. and i've had several muslims tell that stoning "washes away" the sin. i'm assuming the same for the lashes. and of course the shia often flagellate them selves during ashura. and cut their faces with swords.

what do you mean "than not have those at all"? it's better to have sinned and repented then to never sin? to taste the forbiden fruit and never eat from the tree agian? interesting concept but that would be a new one to me. but i'm not a muslim.

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Yes I am aware of all you mentioned in the above, I wanted an answer from an islamic persepctive - hope you dont mind. I completely respect your answer though. And yes the Sh'ia indeed do this, but I am a Sunni muslim, and hence I do not believe in this. As i know that you shouldn't harm your own body, hence suicide is haraam in islam, only Allah has the right to take away our soul, and also I believe that it will be asked on the Day of Judgement, that we have been given this body by Allah , and if we have kept it well.

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By saying "than not have those at all" I mean that who doesn't sin? practically speaking it is impossibles to live sinless, we were created weak by Allah, and we are humans, we make mistakes. Hence, we need to remember Allah every moment and ask forgiveness in prayer. It's simple, just like we make mistakes and learn from them- if we didn't make those mistakes then how would we learn. The same applies to sin, we sin, and then we feel guilt for doing it and repent. Because sinning, and then repenting sincerely from the heart can only make your imaan stronger right?!

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N.B: I mean sinning as mistake, not PURPOSELY sinning, because you have the feeling that you will repent afterwrds.

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it's 24:2 ;)

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i follow ya. yeah the best taught lesson is first hand. hopefully we all learn from our mistakes. but hopefully we can also learn from others mistakes, or just their guidance. or just common sense. i don't need to cut my left thumb off to know not to cut off my right. an extreme example of course but ihope you get my point.

it 24:2 in the koran were 100 lashes are prescrided for zina. but i think most muslims quailify that as [unmarried fornication] and the stoning is from the hadiths for [married] fornication, what we in the west call adultry. although there are some muslims who claim the 24 surah abrogates the stoning. but i think the 81st or 82nd book of bukhair has several stoning examples in it.

sorry i don't know what N.B. means?

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