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I want to know is it true that the American produce fake Qur'ans? and their aim of producing that?

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i live here and ive never heard of that they would rather produce bibles in arabic to convert muslims rather that trying to send out wrong information as much as the mormons come to my door the two christias that know arabic come too to give me a bible in arabic firstly ive read it in english im not a foriegner and secondley where did they get the tools to produce it in arabic? i really dont enjoy it considering they have pictures on the book so we dont keep it in our house we cant have a fake illustration of jesus. those who dont live in america probably dont undertand the whole mormon people coming to your door but thats what they do ALOT i wonder if they have like a map of all the muslims in the neighboorhood because they only go to the muslims houses ive never seen them go to the neighbors that are chritian

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Quran can never be edited,

85:21 But this is an honored Qur'an

[Inscribed] in a Preserved Slate.

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