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Hello, so I would just like some help in this situation. I'm looking into Islamic faith and comparing and contrasting to Christianity and putting it against my own morals and opinions. Two main websites stood out to me. The first was from an Islamic viewpoint the second said it was not on the Islamic or Christian side; however, when I read through it, the website made Islam look like a very oppressing, harsh religion, instead of one of peace. I have an Islamic influence in my life though I live in a very conservative Christian region. So I have been thinking out all the factors. Here are the two websites I would really like a lot of imput, thank you :) first website:

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HEY! if you are thinking about converting then I can assure you that you are making the best decision in your life!! you will definitely be rewarded!! I understand that there is a lot of inaccurate information about Islam but I can assure you with all of my heart that Islam is beautiful!!! there is soo much about Islam that just fascinates me, now I am reading the translation of the Quran to better understand it. Please Please join us!!! I cant tell you enough how much you will love it. although I was born a Muslim(and very proud of it!) I just know that you will be able to see past what many people have disgraced Islam about. how about buying a translation your self and maybe that will help you. BEST OF LUCK AND I HOPE YOU BECOME A MUSLIM!!!! U WILL ALWAYS BE WELCOME!!!!

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and do not trust the first website because there is false info in it. like I said just buy a translation of the Quran and look in the index sort of section to help you with particular context. what better way to learn about Islam then the Holy book itself :)

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and just another thing, how is jesus the son of god? Adam and eve also did not have parents... what about them...

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Thanks for your help

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please answer back to tell me what you are thinking!!

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Well @muslimah18 please understand since I was born a very conservative Christian it all just seems rather strange to me. I can't go buy a translation of the Quran at least not yet. I am going to have to wait a few years and once I'm on my own I will more publically look into it. Right now if I did it would probably end in a thousand conferences with pastors and church leaders and id really like to make my own decision without being punished. I'm looking towards it though thanks for your help :)

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@muslimah18 also I am planning on becoming a theatre major would that be acceptable in Islam?

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Don't worry, i mean im not even 18 and i feel very strongly about Islam. and sorry but anything with acting/showbiz or anything like that isn't allowed but when and if u go deeper into Islam u will know y.and people only get punished for doing something that is wrong,what u r doing isn't wrong. Allah will always be on ur side and besides didn't many people back then get killed for converting to Christianity by the romans?but they still did because that's wat they believed was right.and don't let something like a major change ur mind on such a important decision. follow wat ur heart says:)

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and the fact that im kinda young doesn't matter cause i really know what im talking about so i hope u don't think ur wastng ur time with me:)

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Oh my no because I'm young also. I mean of course I was pretty sure theatre wasn't allowed and I can understand why. And being Christian I do know that of course religion is more important than earthly things. I used to hate Muslims like the rest of my church I don't think you understand my church we don't just dislike Muslims they hate them. I'm glad I turned from such a hatred @muslimah18

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Assalam o Alekum,

My dear brother i am glad to know tht Allah has immersed a feeling of finding the truth in your heart. I also converted to Islam ALONE on 2 December 2012. Having said that I would like to assist you FULLY, in the light of QURAN only. I wont guide you for wht different websites have mentiond, i will tell u tht wht Allah is asking from us. Therefore I would like to have your email address as I want u directly so that my approach doesnt get amalgamated here.

Best Regards

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Thank you @azeem I would really appreciate some help. My email is I appreciate your help I only want to find the truth and for me it hasn't been found in Christianity.

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Is not Adam the son and Eve the daughter of LIFE first and mostly?

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What you are saying makes no sense to me @KteerShorta

(Feb 27 at 16:48) MegWilliams MegWilliams's gravatar image


Well it seems that Life had to been used to make Adam and Eve. So should not Life be the Father of Adam and Eve..

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Yep still not understanding. And I've been in bible classes and lectures and church services for about 16 years now. And I have never heard that what denomination are you? @kteerShorta

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