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Asslamualaikum, I read somewhere that Muslims believe in all five books, I never really understood what it meant but does it include the bible and other books like the Torah why don't we follow it? I only read the quran and hadeeth but are we also meant to read the bible?

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Because they have been fabricated, and those can often mislead you.

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We do believe some aspects of the Bible and the other books, but thing is, most of em have been rewritten and Allah's words have been replaced. So kind of a mixed answer there.

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sorry to put this in the answer box, but i don't see any comment button. sup wit dat?

answerer, just got back from canoeing. so do you believe in the fire and brimstone of sodom and gamora? the great flood? the passover? how about moses and the midianites story in the book of judges?

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yo, haven't been on in a while; nice to be back into the welcoming arms of - surprise, surprise! - Mike.

Hope you enjoyed canoeing, and yes, sometimes the comment box is faulty - what IS up with that? Also, I see you have indulged yourself with the street abbreviations. Hm.

And to answer your question as best as I can - Huh?

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Do Muslims really believe in 5 INJEEL´s??

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does that mean 5 types of jinn? or djinn are the only two spellings i'm familair with? but they are in the koran, so i think they have too. was reading an article the other day were a guy was trying to explain them as plasma energy. it was quite humorous.

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sadie, it says you commented but i don't see it? did you just edit something. shall we see what popped up this time.

top banner: "26 prophetic events in exact sequence before christ's returns" right box: "phil robertson fired, do you agree" lower banner: "charles edwin puckett-illuminated manuscripts"

makes sense. i did buy some 18th century persian illuminated manuscripts at an auction about 3 years ago and googled illuminated manuscript. but seems a bit dated. phil: i certainly followed controversy when it broke. top banner is most likely site related?

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When Muslims say that we "believe" in the bible it means that we believe in Jesus and what he taught us, the reason that we don't follow the bible is because the bible has been changed. You can learn more about the full story of Jesus and the bible here:

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