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Asalam ailakum, I am a 16 year old female and i am so depressed with life. I pray 5 times a day alhamillah and i dont go out or do anything. I am actually happy that i don't go out because i don't like being around any type of temptation even though i CAN resist it. Anyways, i feel like my other muslim friends who dont even pray or do anything religious are more happy. I dont understand i always make dua and i feel like allah doesnt listen to me, i know i'm not supposed to think that. But i don't know what to do

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The best and the happiest moments will come to life to people who are patient and strong, trust me im in your position right now, hold on tight, keep raying, read Quran, do well in school, respect your parents and help your family if you have.

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Yeah, Allah never sleep, Allah will listen to u soon, i dua for u my muslim sister

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What are you depressed about?

35The Day when man shall remember what he strove for,

36And Hell-fire shall be made apparent in full view for (every) one who sees,

37Then, for him who Tagha (transgressed all bounds, in disbelief, oppression and evil deeds of disobedience to Allah).

38And preferred the life of this world (by following his evil desires and lusts),

39Verily, his abode will be Hell-fire;

You are just death apart from meeting Allah and let them enjoy and read Quran so you are content. Death is wrong word it should be return.

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What really I think is there is no need to be depressed for you are a follower of Islam and a creation of Allah, if you pray for god every day you will be happy I promise. Also my uncle once said to me if you're upset pretend to be happy and the feelings of happiness will catch on! Fake it to make it!!! Allah bless you sister and you will feel better, trust me I'm a doctor.. Not really a doctor, just a silly boy.

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Asalam ailakum sister, First of all you,me and basically every muslim that was born into a muslim family should be thankful. Imagine if we were born into a christian family or an atheist family. Astagfirullah that would be terrible! So we should thank Allah swt that we are muslims.

Anyway back to your question. Those who have patience are the ones who will succeed in life. If your feeling down or even worse depressed then why not recite the Quran for the Quran is a shield against the devil. Maybe you want to do something whilst reciting something Islamic. Then you should read one of the 99 names of Allah swt. I'll link a site that gives you the 99 names of Allah swt and all its benefits right now >>> Now sister you should recite Ya Badi 70 times as you will be free from all troubles and recite Ya Shakur 41 times to free from depression. There are so many benefits to the 99 names of Allah swt and I highly recommend you check the site out. Hope this helps sister!

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Even though islam is a religion of peace but on the same time the most violent religion of all time.. Think " when islam came out first, every declined it and abruptly it became religion of majority as soon muslim in cme into power. there are several hadith where non muslims were slaughtered for not becoming muslims.Be the one who can think and dont act like other people who follows the crowd. when Christians attacks on some other muslim countries we normally say thats why kafirs cant be muslims friends. what about muslims who attacked every single in country in arab and killed millions.

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Please quote some excluding apostasy as that is a separate issue altogether which requires different treatment

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What do you mean quote haven't you read the history of Islam? Even though there is only one book published by Australian writer based on facts and figures provided by Muslim scholars about the conquest from Spain to India.

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Aslam alaikum muslim sister, your friends are just look like temporary happiness (shaitan traps).but your prayer duos help fully happiness of both in this world and after death world. Sister depression is ourmind set, you do what you more like things (without haram) like painting, see nature place and freetime go out with familymember or good freinds.

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I can sympathize with you. As a revert, I had to make some very large adjustments to my life in order to fully embrace Islam. I happily did it, but it was very hard at times. As you said, "i dont go out or do anything". I think that is part of what's troubling you. You need to get involved in something productive. As a revert, I don't want to recommend something that might be haram (because I'm still learning), but try some school/mosque related activities. My point is you should be active in something.

Another thing, if you friends don't take Islam seriously, maybe you need to consider a new group of friends. I'm not telling you to stop being friends with them, but I think you might have better friendships with people who have similar morals as you.

One last thing, you are at a transitional age. You are still learning and growing. The situations and problems I faced at 16 weren't a thought in my head when I turned 18. Things seem tough right now, but hang in there. There is a saying that I'm not to clear on but it goes something like this, "Allah gives people tests that they can handle." Inshallah he will get you through this rough patch.

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According to science, if you don't go out and socialise with people which Islam prohibits for women, then you start going in depression. Religion is all in your brain that does make you happy but not relaxed . 7 billion is the population if the world. 80% of ppl are not Muslims but still they are happy with their lives and enjoying it. So you see my point. Ppl say namaz or salah make u brain relaxed. I would suggest you do whatever it takes you to make you relaxed.(playing , chatting with friends, namaz , whatever)

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If people knew the amount of peace, tranquility, relaxation and joy that the prayer (salah) can yield, then people would just be unable to wait for it.

In this world, man finds remembrance of Allaah, praising Him and worshipping him, a delight that is incomparable to anything else.

(Minhaj as-Sunnah, 5/389)"

I recommend reading books on how to increase khushoo in salah. Try reading

But note two points:

  1. Allah is incomparable to His creation. The author does not literally mean: "all this in comparison to the beauty of Allah, would be like that of a weak candle light"

  2. When we send our durud, we pray to Allah to bless the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

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Please start praying again dear brother. I kindly request you to take some time and read this book 'The Man in the red Underpants.'

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Islam does not prohibit women from socializing. However, men and women should not hang out together(due to obvious reasons). Even in Western society, you see boys hang out with boys and vice versa

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brother i listened alot of lectures but find them not based on truth. I mean tell me what kind a god we have who wants his people to praise him all the time. Imagine if we had to offer 50 prayers which was first decided. why non muslims are considered as an enemy of God.

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