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I went with a guy to his house three times when his family was away and without the knowledge of my own family. [there was no penetration whilst doing zina]

I am now regretful of all of this and want to repent sincerely to Allah. Will this be considered as committing adultery? How do I ask for Allah's forgiveness?

Jazak Allahu Khair!

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salamu 'alaykum

you have commited with him zina of the eyes, zina of the tongue, etc. But not the main zina.

remember whenever you do a sin and you wish to seek forgiveness from allah then do it emmediately. you must seek forgiveness emmadiately after you have sinned.

for your repentance to be accepted you must 1. stop the sin 2. feel remorse for what you have done, feel guilty 3. then you must make the intention to NEVER do the sin again, this means you must not want to do the sin again, SO you should QUIT the sin 4. do some good deeds after, allah will change those sins into good deeds

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