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Salam, Will we be able to see other people like christians buddist jews etc... rot in hell?? Or can we atleast know that someone from this world is in hell fire?? Thank you.

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Salam alayk wa rahmatu-Allah wa barakatuhu

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent Most Merciful

As I keep reiterating on this website: Such questions should be posed only to Islamic scholars who have the relevant knowledge of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and 'Aqeedah (principles of belief). I am only a student of knowledge and am not allowed to issue any rulings.

"...Except the companions of the right (those who will enter Jannah), [Who will be] in gardens, questioning each other About the criminals, [And asking them], 'What put you into Saqar (Hell)?' They will say, 'We were not of those who prayed, nor did we use to feed the poor. And we used to enter into vain discourse with those who engaged [in it], and we used to deny the Day of Recompense until there came to us the certainty [i.e., death].” Al-Muddathir:39-42

"And the companions of Paradise will call out to the companions of the Fire, 'We have already found what our Lord promised us to be true. Have you found what your Lord promised to be true?” They will say, “Yes.” Then an announcer will announce among them, “The curse of God shall be upon the wrongdoers who averted [people] from the way of God and sought to make it [seem] deviant while they were, concerning the Hereafter, disbelievers.” And between them will be a partition..." Al-A'raf:44-46

A preliminary view of your question, in light of these two ayaat of the Qur'an seem to evolve the answer that this is a possibility (that we may be able to see the people of Jahannam). But make sure to refer your question to an Islamic scholar, Insha-Allah. You can try

And Allah knows best.

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@Nuh uthman beloved it seems like you are promoting your web site. Which is not a problem, now as far as you saying that one cannot answer questions and then you give the correct answer. There are numerous haddeth that confirms that the people of paradise will see those in hell. May Allah azza waj jall reward you.

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It is not my website. I was just referring you. There are so many websites like it. To be honest, I haven't even really used the site. You can use the website of scholars who follow the Manhaj and Aqeedah of th pious Salaf.

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The answers I give are unqualified preliminary responses, and I am not issuing fatwas. These questions must be qualified in full and clarifed by Muslim scholars.

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@Nuh uthman,my islam is not centered around the qiyas of scholars, however it is based on the Quran and authenticated sunnah. Allah azza waj jall has said in the quran that if you don't know ask those who do. You say your answer is unqualified, premliminary yes, only because you leftout the hadiths to support the ayats you used, the question doesn't warrant a fatawa. Al hamdulilahee, deen ul Allah is basic and fundamental inshallah lets keep it that way. Allah is one the deen is one the brotherhood is one, so why all the division that surrounds this one? Ishtihad, qiyas, madhabs, and shaytan

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are the reasons behind the division. I seek refuge with Allah from that. My point is that if one gives an islamic answer to a question and it stems from the quran and authenticated sunnah and the intention is to help for the sake of Allah who are you to say it is unqualified because a mufti didnt answer or qualified the answer? Allah said to refer back to the quran and sunnah. Salaam

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Did you know there is a whole book in sahih bukhair named "holding fast to quran and sunnah"?

(Mar 02 at 13:13) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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Yes you will be able to see. According to a narration a believer or non believer both will be shown hell and paradise (after his burial when he enters barzakh).

An empty paradise or hell is illogical.

Jazakallah khair

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Thank you all brothers.

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