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As-salamu alaykum, I am 28 years old woman from India.I was 23 years old when I got married it was not expected to get someone asking for my hand as I am not that pretty and have birthmarks all over my face and body which made proposal for marriage non.My husband's proposal was the first.My parents accepted it and we got married. The next thing I know is he was avoiding me, slept in other room, only used to talk to me when our families were around. I had already suspected by this time he was forced to get married to me but later on he stopped coming to home for a length of 3-4 days or would go unannounced but not till our 6 months after our marriage I found out that he was in love with other woman who was apparently Christian and his family didn't approved of her. So, he was forced to get married to me and now he got married to her giving our family the reason that I was infertile without even asking me. He begged me to go along with this. I don't know if I had already been expecting this. It turned out to be true and to my innocence even I certified my family with the same words. But I then decided to move out of the house and stayed with my co-worker till my firm gave my own apartment. He was never verbal or physical with me. But I did overheard him one day calling me ugly.Soon afterwards they both were expecting a child and I can't be pregnant even as I was pretending to be "infertile" and yes till that date he didn't slept with me.I met was transferred to Delhi as it never mattered to my husband where I live or not ( he did used to give my monthly expenses but hardly visited) all of these things put me lonely and depressed I can't even share this with my friends or family as even they will be sad.So, there I met an American-Muslim man working as an apprentice friends. He was the first person I told about my marriage. Being with him was comforting and I felt safe more importantly happy.We both later on confessed our love and one day we both got way too intimate which we both regretted and the next we planned is to get a divorce from my husband. But later I found out I am pregnant with his child and everyone assumed it to be my husband every one got excited about it as I was infertile and now I am pregnant when my parents informed about my pregnancy to my surprise he hugged my congratulated me then he got me inside the room and asked me who was the father and I told him everything and then he said that any how our marriage was invalid as he claims that in Islam if couple didn't consummated the marriage then it becomes invalid after 4 months. I'm not sure if this is true and that if it is then it means that I was never married before and needed my parent's permission to get married again but I am pretty sure my parents will not approve him and if they found out that the child is not my husband's then they will surely abandon me. I did a grave sin but now I don't have any other way as I am stuck in every way. My lover suggested me we could both go to States and get married there not telling my parents about our Nikah there and also hoaxing the pregnancy. What do you suggest regarding this as my husband told me that he give me divorce now but on the condition that I wouldn't call him the father of the child which I agreed. Can I fake that I am not pregnant and later tell everyone that my baby is adopted? Or should I tell everything I have went thorough all this time to my parents I know my father will be supporting me but I have no idea about my mother. Please reply ASAP I need to take decision pretty soon but as of now our divorce is pending but our family is unaware of it

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