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 Assalam u-alaikum !

since awhile ,i go to Masjed for congregation ,that is a Turkish Masjed and the people are also mostly turkis and they pray very fast ,but i,m on the contrary ,in addition i do some Duha while bowing(rekoh) and prostrating(sujood),thus i can not keep it up. The last part of my salat is almost always performed very quickly,leave about making some duha in between . I am little bit depressed here about ,please guide me. wasalam

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When praying behind the Imam or in a congregation you must follow the Imam. If you yourself make a mistake in the prayer then your mistake will be covered by the Imam. But if the Imam makes a mistake then everyone should follow him in correcting the mistake by performing sajdah sahw. If your finding the Imam is praying too fast then you have the right to consult with the Imam to pray at a steady pace.

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