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There is alcohol denat in my deodorant so can i pray namaz if I've applied it? And is ir halal or haram?

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Salaam. Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem Of course you can use it! Rinsing your mouth to get rid of bacteria with alcohol or putting it on skin or even food for asepsis purposes is never haram. What is haram is to become intoxicated, whether it is through alcohol or drugs, prescription or not, valium or heroine no difference. Please refer to the Qur'an for these answers. The word khamri as used for intoxicants, encompasses all things that make us out of our mind. Allah has made our deen easy for us, we are the Middle way.

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Alcohol Denat is not absorb-able through the skin and it kills off microbs, like in deodorant, to keep areas clean and fresh-smelling. My advice is to air your armpits after use so the alcohol dries up and then go do wadoo and pray.

i hope this answered your question.

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