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Found another video, what a miracle...


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There are 'black sheep' in every community including Christians, Jews e.t.c. Don't paint the whole community with one brush.

I see you have resorted to just defaming (as you seem to think), using media for portrayal of Muslims which is very disappointing to see. Keep it up sir.

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Yeah you could be seen as a "black sheep" you abdul wasay, so your right. There is black sheep everywhere, but do you know who you need to listen to then? THE SHEPHERD. And do you know who the Shepherd is ?

(Mar 06 at 08:01) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image

The link you put up is having problems at this time so I can't see for myself the non sense you are on . But judging from my brothers reactions its the same trash you been presenting. Get a life.... the sheperd of your flock is the devil. Islam is the only religion that will be accepted on the day inwhich there is no doubt. This mean sir you better not die upon the foolishness you are on. I pray Allah azza waj jall guides you from the pit of darkness to the negation and affirmation which leads to life eternal the ultimate success.

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Well so the Sheperd of my flock is the Devil?

Well I just listen to this one and know who the Devil is.

[url] [/url]

(Mar 06 at 13:40) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image

Our shepherd is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and we are his flock. Am I right @yaqin?

(Mar 06 at 17:30) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Well Darkness is above Allah, so when someone is where the darkness is then there still a long way down to Allah in Hell... For Allah punish with HELL-FIRE, so that makes it pretty easy for me. Allah is in HELL, and that makes him SHEITANI....

(Mar 06 at 19:12) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image
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