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so Alhamdulillah one of my friends reverted last week, she did smoke but has quit to help her she uses the elctronic ones.. are these haram because i THINK they r not actual tobacco i could be wrong? if she does wudu(she is currently learning to pray) and pray then uses electronic can she read the quran or pray etc after using that?

reason i ask is for her a new muslim who is confused and i dont no because i dont smoke and i havent learnt anything about smoking in islam cos i never smoked so didnt read about it just know its haram.

jazakallah khair for your answer in advance. Ma'salaam

Smoking in general is haram. It harms the body and its unhealthy. the electronic cigarettes call the e-cig are no better then the regular cigarettes, it just vapor but it still has nicotine which is the black tar can lead to cancer. I know and I have heard smoking is hard to stop once your addictive but if you can help your friend stop by throwing it away or making her put something else in her mouth beside a cigarette it can save her and wont cost so much money.

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jazak'allah khair

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