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men allowed 4 wives i know the reasons to why there allowed but i want 2 no why a woman is not allowed more than one husband? if a husband can share himself among 4 women why does she have to only have one husband? men and women are equal but this doesnt make them equal makes women less and men higher. Im muslim and not married so thats why i ask i need to know stuff about marriage husband etc before deciding to get married

Some people say that if men are allowed to marry more than one woman, then women too should be allowed to have several husbands at any one time. Before the advent of Islam, there were some societies which permitted this, but Islam prohibited such a practice. The reason is because polyandry creates numerous social, personal and ethical problems upon the whole of society. For example;

  1. The identity of the child becomes ambiguous. The husband has difficulty in knowing who the father of the borne child is. Even if such a problem could be overcome through DNA tests, polyandry still has many drawbacks. The other husbands will often be jealous of the father, and will show such negative feelings towards the child too. The wife will then be upset; that the other husbands sleep with her to fulfill their desires, yet they show no love towards her child. In short, polyandry creates social problems beyond our imagination.

  2. The stronger and mightier husbands will sleep with the wife when they want to, whereas the weaker husbands will have no choice but to accept. This will only lead to domestic turmoil.

  3. If a husband becomes bed-bound due to an accident for a few months, then he will need his wife to look after him day and night. Because of this attention, the other husbands will find that she cannot fulfill their desires in that time. Alternatively, if a woman has such an accident, then to please the husband, the other wives can help the woman and thus life the burden of the husband.

  4. When the wife goes through pregnancy and feeding the child in its early years, the real husband will find comfort and content. But will the other husbands be patient for such a long period of time?

  5. Women find they cannot sometimes fulfill the sexual desires of their husband, due to monthly periods, pregnancies and so on. If this is the case in a monogamous relationship, then what about in a polyandrous relationship?

  6. One of the primary functions of marriage is the producing children and establishing a family. It is possible that in a polygamous relationship, numerous women can become pregnant in a short period from the same man. However, in a polyandrous relationship, a woman can only become pregnant once, regardless of how many husbands she sleeps with. This is biological proof that polyandry is unnatural and biologically unsustainable.

Note; Today, medical science affirms that a woman usually produces only one egg at any one time, whereas the man can produce approximately five-hundred million sperms. When the sperm enters the egg, then a web forms around the egg which prevents any further sperms from entering. From this one egg, one child is usually produced, though sometimes more are born, but even in the latter case, the father of the children will still be one, since it was made from one sperm. Sometimes the woman produces more than one egg; if the sperms of one man enter these eggs then again the father will be one. In some cases, the sperms of a different man (husband) can enter an egg, but the likelihood of such a scenario is very rare, since the woman’s eggs are produced at the same time.

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