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la illah illa allah [tarjuma-1]nahi koi mabood siwa allah ke[tarjuma-2] nahi boot gair allah i wont to know which one tarjuma is correct please help me

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Assalamu Alaykum,

I have a book with a translation in Urdu (if you are looking for this translation?)

Kalimah Tayyibah

Arabic - La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulullah

Urdu Translation- Allah ke siwa koi sacha ma'bud nahin aur Hazart Muhammad Allah ke sache rasul hain.

May Allah,

Guide us to the straight path -- Surah Al-Fatihah, Verse 6, Qur'an

Khuda Hafiz

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LA ILAH ILLA ALLAH. NAHI MABOOD GAIR ALLAH. is duniya mein allah ka gair kuchh bhi nahi . bhai jara bataye ki kalma mein (KOI) (SACHCHA) (SIWA)kaha se aa gaya ...?

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In continuation, Kalmah, the foundation lesson La Ilaha Illallah of Muhammad (s.a.s.) needs to be understood and perceived through Surah Ikhlas, and the word Ahad appears twice in it; first in Hu Allahu Ahad and secondly in Walam Yakullahu Kufhoowan Ahad. If at all the meaning of Ahad is Wahid (one, single) in first case then what about in respect of second case that 'any other' (Koyi) Wahid cannot compete with the first case Wahid, then who is that any other Wahid who cannot compete with. Whether there are two in competition, number one is Allah and second one is remained 'unknown' till date, if so then who is that personality in competition with mighty powered personality of the sky? Hence, the kind attention is requested to understand, "what is the difference in meaning between both the Ahad's?" It is very much necessary to understand this difference.

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