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Asalamu alikum warahamatullah. What are The difference between manih and mazih and how are they purified?

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Manni is only released via the means of the contraction of the male private part, whereas Mazzi is released without this means. After the release of Manni, the male private part loses its erection; with Mazzi, the erection can continue. When Manni is released, either through sexual intercourse or a wet dream, then the Ghusl becomes necessary as the person is now considered in the state of impurity. He cannot read Salah or the Quran until he has bathed in the Islamic manner. When Mazzi is released, it has the same ruling as urine. In other words, Ghusl does not become necessary, but Wudhu does. Islam does allow less than a dirham sized coin of Mazzi on the clothes, but ideally it should be washed immediately.

Ref:-From Islamic

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