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I agree with the link you sent to me. It speaks of the words of the REAL Jesus from the bible. Still, you have NOT proved you god exists … WHY?

Tell me … 1) How is Muhammad a prophet if his ancestor (Hagar) is an Egyptian SLAVE idol worshiper that was BANISHED? 2) Where does it state we will have SEX-IN-HEAVEN … in the bible? 3) In regards to the video link you sent … WHICH JESUS DO YOU BELIEVE IN? The bible Jesus or the one that came 600 years later & created from Islam, as prophesied in 2 Cor 11:4?? 4) Why would Islamic scribes alter & change the bible 600 years later? Islam reversed the roles of Isaac & Ishmael in Genesis 22:2 5) Who made LOT, Ishmael, Muhammad, Adam & all 124,000 prophets when none of them are in the bible? 6) How do we share Gods when your god calls us all “SLAVES”? Our God never does in the bible! Our God calls us all sons or children of God. Nowhere in the quran does ALLAH call anyone: sons or children of ALLAH! 7) Where does SEX-IN-HEAVEN proved to happen in the bible? The bible judges the quran... Sura 5:47

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Hmm.. Ok I understand, because of my name or something. Well look at my past questions and answers, maybe you will be enligthen... We will see..

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Thank you, sir.

Just asking for truth.

Am a seeker of truth as all should be too!

Do you have any questions for me?

I would oblige you or any here the same courtesy

May YHWH-ELOHIM bless all here on this forum

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Naahh I don´t have any questions for you.

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