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I am not Muslim. I do not have a poor attitude towards Islam. I wish no one any disrespect. I just really need to know something very specific. I have spent hours on the Internet trying to get a straight answer about what Islam, the Prophet Mohammed and the Qur'an direct parents to do when disciplining their children. In the Bible, there are some well-known passages that actually state that it is a good thing to use physical means to discipline children. Are there any similar passages in the Qur'an? If so I want to know exactly which ones so I can read them myself (translated, of course). I ask this because I am having an upset over this with a friend of mine who is Muslim.

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Assalam a'likum, first the prophet tought us that breeding our kids begins when it is only a peice of meet in ur uterus and that means in the first month in ur pregnancy. And this by listening and reading alot of the holy quran and not hearing or watching bad things as this baby in his first growing and building, so he would be built with bless.... And the prophet also taught us to treat our kids in a nice way as he(the prophet) played with his kids, laughed with them, took care of them, talked to them alot... And also asked us to punish them but not hard. And punish comes in order, like if u want them to do something, u should first ask them and if they don't answer, u should ask them again, and if they didn't answer, u can threaten them, and if this doesn't make sense, u can go to phisical treatment but it shouldn't be hard, just make them feel fear of not answering... You should chat with them alot and spend alot of time with them and be patient, make them feel fear of Allah, respect them, convince them with the right way, pray 4 them.... Children take their habits from their parents so we should fix ourselves first. Wa Allah a'lam

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there was hadeeth or somthing the prophet said, that muhammad was kissing a child and a man laughed at him saying what kind of man kisses babies then the prophet said for those who do not have compassion shouldnt have anything to do with this religion meaning that you cannot be a muslim without having compassion for children and the prophet said the only times you can hit a child is if they are doing something that is disobeying allah commands so people who hit for getting bad grades or they broke your rule is not somthing allowed to be punished with physical violence its more like if they stop praying ( but only past puberty earlier they arent required to pray) many middle easterns have grown to be very strict similar to asian parenting as they say here in america and do get very mad at their children for getting bad grades or coming home late which is wrong my mother never hit me considering ive been praying since 8 even when my grade slips she simply refuses to sign the report card but my father gladily will and just says do better next time but thats rare since i mosltey get As sorry im off topic but phisical abuse isnt somthing we should use as punishment often only in rare cases that the child breaks the rules of islam

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