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Asalamo Alaikom my aunts and uncles. I am 18 years old and recently I've been having inexplicable dreams which have led me out in search of answers. I have been growing more interested in my beautiful religion and the messages of Allah but I don`t have anyone to look upto and learn from. I am a Shia, and my parents are from Afghanistan. We live in the USA and everyone in my family, even my parents, are Americanized but me. My family consists of 2 brothers, 2 sisters, my parents, and I; saddened by the fact that my family is only muslim by word of mouth and no evidence, I have come to believe that I must use the powers of the internet for the good. Hence, I am here to ask and enlighten myself, Imam Ali Alayhisalam said that knowledge is one step closer to perfection and only fools run after wealth and pleasures and I am only a student at my age. Please teach me.

My family claims to be Muslims but they never give to charity, they never pray namaaz, they do not fast, and they do not attend masjid. They are infatuated by the idealogies of freedom, music, television and sex. I haven't lived long enough to fully understand the good and the bad but I understand that Music and Television are Satan's most powerful weapons and I have lived long enough yet to see the ill affects of them in my family.

I am tired of Music and Internet. Just a couple of months ago, I realized that Facebook, Twitter, and all my other social networks that I'd been wasting time on, had given me, in return, nothing but sleepless nights, headaches, and killed half of my day since I'd be Facebooking until 3AM only to sleep until 2PM the next day. Thus, I deleted everything, and altered my habits a bit, now I wake up at 8AM or even 7AM. I read books instead of statuses, and I am slowly realizing that my life's purpose is to pray, worship, spread the message, and one day, leave offspring to commence from where I leave them.

Okay..Since I don't have anyone else in my family to ask questions, and get guidence from, I am here to Ask, and learn. I asked God to help me achieve a degree of perfection and to enlighten me in my search for answers and I believe that is the reason why I found this site.


If Internet and Television is Satan´s most powerful weapon, then why are you here asking a question?

Just asking...

answered (suspended) KteerShorta's gravatar image

My friend, I have a clear as crystal answer to that trollogic question of yours. I may have mistyped or perhaps you misread, but I believe I said MUSIC and TELEVISION. But even so, if I did say Interent and MUSIC, I was implying Internet, in the sense of pornographic content, and the access to false, stupified information. For example, FACEBOOK and TWITTER. The internet has its goods and its bads, and my intent here being to seek the good.

Just to feul your anger - Jesus is not SON of God. That is saying literally that God is human and had mom and dad to give birth to him. Goodbye brother (:

(Mar 08 at 19:25) ravirizaei ravirizaei's gravatar image

Oh, and I apologize if I hurt your feelings in any way, but don't let your rage cloud your senses. Think with an open mind, and just for one second, set aside your fears and hatered. You have the Freedom to be on this site, but if you are here to troll, the only one left stupified is yourself, because by making illogical, and stupid comments, you're only hurting your own ego. Have a nice day brother.

(Mar 08 at 19:29) ravirizaei ravirizaei's gravatar image

So who is God then? Allah? Well who is the father of lies ?

(Mar 08 at 20:15) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image

I have come to a conclusion that you are a cursed moron with a life so sad, you haven't anything better to do than to get on the web and banter. Thus, I will ignore you, like your parents probably have, which is why you are so in need of attention.

(Mar 08 at 21:38) ravirizaei ravirizaei's gravatar image

And your telling me that I have HATE, well it takes some skills to see the beam in your own eye....

(Mar 08 at 21:40) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image

Go play your Call of Duty, religion is a subject in which your personal feelings cloud your judgement.

Yes I am Muslim. Yes I love Allah. Yes I am proud. La Illaha Illa Allah Wa Muhammadan Rasullallah.

(Mar 08 at 21:46) ravirizaei ravirizaei's gravatar image

Well if you love Allah so much, why can´t you love me? For love is about sharing. And you should lay down your pride, for with being proud comes ignorance..

(Mar 08 at 22:01) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image
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