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Today when i went to masjid to pray the imam told us about what some rusian geologise saw when digging the ground when i was praying the fear of God entered me and i felt like crying during prayer but i held my self. I will like to share the link but i dont no whether it is true but my mind tells me it true and i dont no whether any one of you has had it. I head the audio it was presented by a lady on behave of the rusian scientice the story goes like this. "what you are about to listen to is not a fiction nor a vision or a narration of day or night dream but the true as told hear on earth in our very time by a geological group who drill a hole about 14km deep in the earth and said that they hear human scream from the earth dipest hole and they are afraid that they have let lose the evil power of hell into the earth surface and what was surprisimg is the high temp they discover in the earth certre the calculation indicate that the giver temp was about 1100c and we try to listen to the earth movement with super sensitive microphones what we heard were high sounds which we thought was from our instument and we adjusted it and we noticed that the sound came from the earths interior we could hardly believe our ears we heard a humans voices screaming in pain and as a comonics i dont believe in heaven or the bible but as a scientice i now believe in hell said dr archekof" and she played the voice of the sound they heard and it really sounded like a humans voice surfering with pain and do you think this is true or have you heard this from anyone and even give a link. but i ve not visit the site because of fear. Did you think this is true.

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Assalam a'likum. I am not really sure but i think it is true as Allah can do this or more.

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the link dosent work the wbsite is for sale but i dont belive its really hell because no one enters hell untill judgment day if anything it was probably a grave from long ago still suffering but even that is frighning that after all those years the person is still reciving punishent of the grave

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My brother,s i heard this news about 5to6 month ago.what i heard is that when they are digging with their machines as they are working the machine stop and they just heard that screaming of a loudly voice,as they are hearing they hear a voice still saying Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar with a loudly voice,they said that d one saying Allahu Akbar is them that they are purnishing the people that are screaming and they said that they are the unblievers that not believe in d oneness of Allah and not belief of prophet mohammad (SAW).

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am scared,i wish i had known islam earlier

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I just came across this thread today and looked it up. I found many sites referring to this phenomenon - some say it is a hoax ( others say it is true.

You can hear the sounds that are supposedly recorded here:

BE WARNED - whether you believe it or not, it does sound VERY scary!!

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Ya Allah protect us from the Hellfire.

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