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I had sex with my girlfriend many times. Later on I realized it’s not good and against Islam. I have fear of Allah in my mind. I try to follow the rules of Islam. My girlfriend and I were determined not to do sex anymore and we sought pardon from Allah. I can manage myself not to do that though sometimes I continue masturbation (though I want to stop it too) but my girlfriend can’t control. She is addicted almost. She tries her best to abstain from sex but still can’t. She tells me that she can’t control and she had to do it. I become afraid and don’t know what to do. I am afraid if she thinks of doing the same with another guy or bla bla. I proposed her to marry me but she declined because her family told they are not ready yet and suggested us to marry after one year that is after completion of her studies. In the meantime what should I do? If she goes in wrong way then I can’t tolerate. Please help me.

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Avoid being alone with her for it is harram see her only if there's someone there with you such as your perants sisters brothers whom you know your not going to engaged yourself with harram actions think of the punishment of Allah remember your grave and how you will stand in front of god answering to him with those actions you did read quran listen to lectures go do mustahab prayers recite dua or do a hobby witch will help distract you such as reading playing sport or going to the gym .and most of All don't look at your sin as a small or big sin instead look at who your disobeying know that your angering god with what you are doing . Also visit the cemetery more often to help u think of the here after and what your true end is attend the mosque also and research your own religion and learn more about it for this will give you less time to do harram. Wa Salam

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Fast on Mondays and Thursdays, as Allah has recommended to unmarried ppl.

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