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FOURTEEN reasons Muhammad is NOT-A-PROPHET!

1) His Ancestor is from an Egyptian slave: Hagar

2) Hagar was an idol worshiper that was BANISHED along w/Ishmael. Gen 21:9-14

3) Miscegenation (mixed marriages) was NOT allowed. Deut 7:3-4, 22:9, 23:2 & Lev 19:19 Old Testament was a JEWS-ONLY covenant & history

4) Ishmael was NOT-A-PROPHET either! He never spoke to God, an angel or prophesied & was BANISHED thereby forfeiting all birthrights. Gen 25:5 & 11

5) Muhammad considered himself a god. Sura 33:36 & Bukhari:V4B52N203 He brought NO eye witnesses to claims he spoke to an angel or allah as demanded by God in Deut 19:15 for the establishment of credibility

6) Muhammad is NOT from the “seed” of Isaac. Gen. 17:19 & 21 also Gen. 21:12 Gen 21:12 “God said … for in Isaac shall thy (Abrahams) seed be called”

7) Nor does Muhammad qualify as a prophet from the quran but qualifies as its false prophet! Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 5 Book #59 Hadith #713 says: (“I feel as if my aorta is being cut”) Proves Muhammads a false prophet b/c of Q 69:43-46 which says: (“if the Messenger were to attribute any false words to Us, We would seize him and cut his aorta“)

8) What true prophet of a HOLY God would say there will be SEX in Jannah? (heaven). Muhammad did! Women & little boys. Is this evil or holy to muslims? Roman 8:5-9 ....carnally minded is death... 1 John 2:15,16 ...lust of the not of the father...

9) Muhammad sinned, contradicting muslims claims who say prophet(s) do not sin! Muhammad sinned and needed forgiveness(Q 47:19) for his sins.(surah40:55)

10) Rev. 22:18-19 & Deut 4:2 CURSES Muhammad, Islam, quran & all muslms for ADDING/FABRICATING words to Jesus & all biblical prophets in the quran, they did NOT say in the bible or anywhere else!

11) Muhammad never acted like a prophet. He was boasted to have the sexual prowess & libido to 30 men, countless concubines, countless wives, countless sex slaves as captives, married his daughter-in-law & a child … & used Q 4:24 to rape captive women who were in his right-hand-possession. Who else in the bible acted in this manner? WHO? (Sahih Bukhari Vol 7, Bk 62, # 64, 65, 88), (Bukhari,Vol 1, Bk 5, #268), Tabari VIII:38/Ishaq:466 Ishaq:517 , Q 33:37(Lev. 18:15), Q33:50 Tabari IX:126, Tabari VIII:35, 38, 40/ Ishaq:464 , Ishaq:316, Hadith Tabari VIII:96

12) IF, the Old Testament is solely about the Jews, then why do muslims assume Muhammad is in Isaiah or Deuteronomy? Islam can NOT co-inherit the prophets from the ‘seed’ of Isaac. WHY? Islam has deliberately chosen NOT to share in the PENTATEUCH. Islam has only one alleged prophet … only one; Muhammad.

13) Muhammad never repeated a single word Jesus said from the bible, as muslims claim the ‘comforter’ did! Muhammad, nor any muslim, have NEVER prayed: “OUR FATHER” This is the prayer the REAL bible Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:9-15, not Issa… Islams muslim created Jesus.

14) Muhammad is NOT “INVISIBLE” as is the Spirit of Truth in John 14:17 Muhammad is flesh NOT-A-SPIRIT! See Luke 24:39 Muhammad is NOT the comforter, paraclete or the Spirit of Truth … these are the names of the HOLY SPIRIT. Why did Islam invent these mendacious claims 600 years after the fact?

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My dear,

Thank you for your question and for asking about our religion Islam. I have always appreciated your saying of seeking the truth the first time I have read your post.

Before we proceed, my dear I will remind you of the courtesy and good manners expected from you in this site. Remember that you are speaking about one of the greatest religious figures in the History of mankind whom billions accept as a Messenger of God. Remember Muslims cannot tolerate lies and insults about the Messenger (peace be upon him). My dear, I remind you of the politeness and nice words that are understood by humans across all cultures. This is especially so if you are an adult, and the expectations are that you behave sensibly with the people.

Brother, this is a sincere advise from me to you. Dont say things like -Muhammad said he was God - Muhammad is not a Prophet according to the Quran, Muslims will have carnal pleasure with boys in paradise. This just makes your question loses its credibility and people will simply not take you seriously. The whole Quran revolves around Muhammad being a Messenger. If you can interpret the Quran as saying Muhammad was not a Prophet, then people will think this man can do anything! He can read white and say it means black. While I know that you may have gotten this from some other place and not discovered this yourself from the Quran, a few people may not realize this and they'll think you are foolish and stupid to come up with such a thing. May Allah guide you!

I am interested in having a academic and educative discussion for you. I respect you for coming to this Islamic site and giving us your questions. May the Almighty guide you to the truth!

Before we begin, I believe it will benefit you to learn about some of the basic teachings Of Islam [click here.] (Link now fixed)

Here are also some important points to keep in mind:

  1. As Muslims we cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion. Lying can lead a person to the hell-fire in Islam, and I seek refuge in Allah from it.

  2. Islam has the proof for everything that it teaches. Our sources are authentic and original. They are: The Quran and the Teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is a unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.

  3. If after reading the answer to this question, you find the answer and you actually find the truth, are you prepared to adhere to it? Are you prepared to worship God alone without any partners? Because this is what Islam is really about. The most important thing is to worship Almighty God alone and do not worship other 'gods' or 'partners' to Almighty God.

OK now lets begin:

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Al hamdulilahee brother inshallah I will post some prestine facts for the brother as soon as time permit. May Allah reward you brother for calling to the only way that will be accepted by Allah on the day inwhich there is no doubt.salaam

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You give 14 reasons why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not a Prophet. My dear, we can give you a hundred reasons why he is a Prophet (peace be upon him). But anyways, I will answer some parts briefly, and brother @Yaqin can add to my answers.

Note the answers are brief and incomplete, and can potentially be expanded.

1 - According to Islamic sources, Abraham (peace be upon him) married Hagar.

But even if we accept that she was just a bondwoman to Abraham, does this mean God cant chose someone as a Prophet whose ancestor was a slave? Think about it brother. Didnt you read about Moses and the Children of Israel? God chose Moses (peace be upon him) as a Prophet and Messenger. But if you remember the children of Israel were enslaved by the Pharaoh at that time, including the family of Moses. Therefore if we go along this criteria that a Prophet's ancestors cannot be enslaved then Moses cant be a Prophet as well.

Allah says:

[Moses said to Pharaoh] "And is this a favor of which you remind me - that you have enslaved the Children of Israel?"

Said Pharaoh, "And what is the Lord of the worlds?"

[Moses] said, "The Lord of the heavens and earth and that between them, if you should be convinced."

[Pharaoh] said to those around him, "Do you not hear?"

[Moses] said, "Your Lord and the Lord of your first forefathers."...

(Al Quran, Chapter 26)

2 - Hagar believed in Allah and wasn't an idol worshipped according to Islamic sources. Yes, she was taken by Abraham to Mecca, near the house of God and left there.

Even if we do accept the claim of her being an idolater, does this mean God can't chose a man as a Prophet because his ancestors worshipped idols? What about Abraham (peace be upon him) - the father of many of the Prophets! His father used to MAKE idols.

3- The old testament was a Jews only covenant and mixed marriages are forbidden according to your understanding brother. So you feel Abraham did wrong to marry Hagar, is that right?

Think about it brother. First of all, you said Abraham didnt marry Hagar. Secondly, was Abraham a Jew? Ofcourse not! The Jews are the children of Israel. Israel means Jacob, a descendent of Abraham. So ofcourse Abraham wasn't a Jew. Thirdly, the Torah was revealed many many years after Abraham so how can you judge Abraham's action according to the Torah?

Allah says:

O People of the Bible [Jews and Christians], why do you argue about Abraham while the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Then will you not reason?

Here you are - those who have argued about that of which you have [some] knowledge, but why do you argue about that of which you have no knowledge? And Allah knows, while you know not.

Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one inclining toward truth, a Muslim [submitting to Allah ]. And he was not of the polytheists.

Indeed, the most worthy of Abraham among the people are those who followed him [in submission to Allah ] and this prophet [Muhammad], and those who believe [in his message]. And Allah is the ally of the believers.

(Quran. Chapter 3. 65-68)

4- Ishmael was a Prophet according to the Quran. You speak with negativity about this Prophet (peace be upon him), yet in the Bible, God speaks about him in positive manner (if these are indeed God's words as the Bible has been changed through History):

‘And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.’ (Bible. Genesis 17:20)

Does Ishmael have to be a Prophet for God to chose Prophet Muhammad as a Prophet? How can you fix such a criteria? Be careful when speaking about God without knowledge.

Even if you are arguing that all Prophets must be descendants of prophets, than Abraham would fill in this criteria, and there would be no need for Ishmael.

To be continued inshaAllah.

Before I end, let me remind you. God does not chose Prophets based on your wish, but He choses whom He wills. Be careful brother of fixing criteria for Prophets based on your own understanding. Because then you are making the statement that God follows such criteria, and this is speaking about the Almighty without knowledge. I end with this verse:

And they say: "Why is not this Quran sent down to some great man of the two towns (Makkah and Ta'if)?"

Do they distribute the mercy of your Lord?

It is We[God] who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank] that they may make use of one another for service.

But the mercy of your Lord is better than whatever they accumulate.

(Quran. 43:31-32)

May God guide those who patiently read this long post. Ameen.

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Howdy! Before I begin, may I ask if it is you I posted on a comment to(in the discussion button) on YouTube under the same name? Just wondering.

2nd, we need good manners to demonstrate from whom we represent. I represent Jesus. Whom says to turn the other cheek & also says: Why have suicide bombers when all one need do is forgive? Matt 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: Matt 6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.


4th, Islam should learn to have thick skin. Muhammad does NOT matter. God does NOT punish anyone for insulting Muhammad … ONLY ISLAM DOES! Muhammad is NOT-A-GOD! Muslims start violent proceeding s against all who denigrate a man. Do any of you read the bible to find out what is really UNFORGIVABLE & PUNISHABLE BY EVERLASTING HELL FIRE?????? Read this: Luke 12:10 And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.

5th, You said something interesting … you said: [[The whole Quran revolves around Muhammad being a Messenger…]] We believe the entire bible revolves around Jesus, as God. God in the Old testament then as a spirit made flesh in the New Testament after fulfilling the prophesies to come from the Old Testament!

6th, Thank you for accepting me on this site. I too, am interested in an academic tete-e-tete. But it will be difficult to ascertain the truth having one of my hands tied. Does Islam offer so little it requires force to keep its 'faithful' demanding total submission & obedience, like a gang or mafia? Are crime rates really low in Islamic nations b/c they censor what their citizens see, read or hear? There is NO FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT… like there is in America. Why? If Islam’s so great, why is there fear for free thought or exchange of ideas? Already, you have stated Muhammad’s name should not be besmirched or excoriated in any way. Tell me … whom is greater to you: Jesus or Muhammad? Remember, all mankind are born sinners except one. Muslims are sometimes taught that all prophets of God were sinless. That again is a deviation from the facts. Only Jesus is called sinless or holy (Surat 19:19), while we read of the sins of Adam (Surat 7:22-23), Moses (28:15-16), Abraham (26:82), Jonah (37:141-144), David (38:24-25), and also of Muhammad (40:55, 47:19, 48:1-2). Now, you said:

1) If lying can lead you to hell-fire … how is the god that does NOT exist & who allows sex in your jannah ( which is evil) going to send you to hell when only one of your 73 sects are going there according to your quran? Are you in the right sect?

2) If Islam has the proof for everythiung it teaches then prove ALLAH EXISTS! For all proof, we already have the bible which btw, judges the quran! Surah 5:47 The quran you hold in your hand is NOT the original … sorry. If Muhammad had known what Uthman had done while he was alive he would have beheaded Uthman & Zaid Ibn Thabit. Uthman collected the originals Qurans from Iraq to Syria then from Muhammad’s five most personal reciters then BURNED THEM ALL!

3) I WORSHIP JESUS! I WORSHIP GOD THE FATHER TOO! The Holy Spirit is here to glorify BOTH! Nobody can see God the Father w/o the permission of Jesus & is why Jesus is to be worshiped. If Allah were Jesus then you would be a Arab Christian! Islam’s god is NOT real & has never appeared to man as did God the Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit! In John 14:6 Jesus states HE-IS-TRUTH! He is AL HAQ! This verse also states that NOBODY will see God the Father w/o His permission! John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Now … why does Islam pretend its ALLAH is w/o partners? Who are the “we”, “I” & “us” from the quran? & Surah 21:30, Surah 4:47, Surah 7:18, Surah 32:13 Saying “WE” then followed by “US” then "I" IS 100% contradiction in the verse!

OK now let’s begin:

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