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I have come to know that the differences between Sunnis and Shias was consequence of a political uprise. According to Shias, Hazrat Ali R.A should have been the Khalifah of Muslims after our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) passed from this world. However, our view, that is Sunni's, is that Hazrat Abu Baker R.A was a significant and already indicated successor, chosen by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself.

Although, it seems more than a political differentiation, like a hatched conspiracy against the rise of the most powerful and advancing society and religion - Islam. I would like to read your views and discuss this matter.

So, Bismillah.

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No beating around the bush!

Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects) , you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah, Who then will tell them what they used to do.

(Al-Anaam, Chapter #6, Verse #159)

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Jazakallah for telling us a Hadith. Could you please extend a further explanation to it, though?

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Its simple as what this verse says.

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Salaam. Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem.

"If two parties of believers fight against each other, make peace between them; then if after that one of them transgresses against the other, fight the party that transgresses until it submits to the command of God. Then if it complies, make peace between them with equity, and act justly. Truly, God loves the just" Surat AlHujurat Ayat 9

Only Allah chooses the succesor. To say one is sunni, shia or Sufi is to cause division. To follow a madhab meaning division, is to cause separation. To believe and Love Allah and to follow the Qur'an and habits of the RasoolAllah is to be a Muslim. A wise person once told me, if we take from the "Sufi" thier intense Love for Allah AlRahman AlRaheem and our beloved RasoolAllah, and the internal struggle to pay mind to our intention, to control our anger, lusts, vanity and pride and to take from the "shia" their love for Ahlul Bayt and the habits of our RasoolAllah, and to take from the "sunni" their external love for societal harmony and their strict adherence to the Laws set by Allah with the glorious Qur'an, then that is to be a Muslim.

The separation of the Christians was caused by the writing of Prophet Isas stories hundreds of years after he was gone, which people disagreed on. The changing of the Torah was caused by the collecting of writings (akin to hadith) hundreds of years after Prophet Musa was gone. And the same such has happened to the Muslim.

We can read hadith but Law comes from Qur'an, as it is absolute and complete. Hadiths should all be taken with grains of salt with regard to them being attributed to our Beloved RasoolAllahs habits. We must use our sense when reading them and know that nothing can be added, ammended or taken away from the glorious Qur'an, and judge accordingly. Hadiths can be read for historical purpose as well, as we have no solid evidence of the events of the times after our RasoolAllah was gone, but again with grains of salt.

The division of Muslims is a political agenda and always has been. We must grab to the rope firmly and become one again, inshaAllah. With regards to who was to "lead" after our RasoolAllaha death is a matter that we still waste time trying to resolve hundred of hers later causing Sunni and shia violence towards one another. We should leave political matters behind and have Love for those our RasoolAllah loved, both Ali may peace and blessing be upon him and Abu Bakr may peace and blessings be upon him. Unless we can find original proofs on their original papers, then we can never what truly happened to cause such a division. To point out, Shia in the Glorious Quran means "followers".

Take knowledge from all those who give it and judge accordingly, and with Allahs leave we will always see Truth from Falsehood. If what We seek is Truth, Allah never goes back on promises.

Allah Knows best and in Allah do we put complete trust.

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wa alaykum al salaam. May Allah protect you from all wrong doing, always. This is beautiful.

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You are the man. Just like my shaykh tells. Jazakallah. Could I vote up twice, I would do it.

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Al-Salaamu Alaykum, I've done a lot of research on this topic. What I have come to understand is that there obviously was no such thing as Shiaa and Sunni muslims back when the prophet (SAW) was alive. How this diversion came to be is from politics. Sunni's follow the teaching of men that were put into political power after the prophet Muhammed(SAW) passed away. Shia's believe, as stated in hadiths, that the prophet (SAW)chose a successor from his own family to lead Islam. That successor was from his family, Ali(as). Some of the people who were brought into actual power were believed to drink and not follow the full teachings of Islam. But as islam teaches us, we should follow whomever is in power and not to disobey our leaders. So Shiaa's believe they follow the right way, and Sunni's believe they do. There is proof to both sides, which makes this such a large widespread topic. Basically people choose a side, and follow whatever that side teaches them. I might add that Islam tells us not to divide religion, but we've seemed to do that anyway. I hope this helps. If you have more detailed questions regarding this topic, please feel free to ask.

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@alqzwik, beloved, what you said about following those in authority has its aspects the first being the one that is in authority must do things fisibillah, for the sake of Allah, and the next thing is they must do it with the itteebah of the Rasul saws. No otherway is accepted and to do it anyother way is an innovation. This conflict is most disturbing and it is pure politics. I posted on the calamity of thursday about the prohibition of hadiths, we must grasp the understanding that not all of the sahabah were good muslims as numerous ayah has confirmed and numerous hadiths,

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grasping this is half the battle. True both sides has proof and this just adds to the confusion, leaving the laymen stuck in the middle. Inshallah lets simplfy the playing feild. Sunnis has the sahih sitta,amongst other books, the shia have al kafi, amongst other books.the jist of the argument is in the hadith and other historical books. Now any hadith that goes against the quran must be rejected, according to reports from abu huriah and ibn jabal. So with this in mind reread bothsides proof and what is correct inshallah will be very clear to you. Also go to the post of calamity read my post.

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