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Assalamu Alaikum,

I want to know is it advisable to not listen to parents when they are going against the sharia ? my problem is, alhamdulillah i have received a marriage proposal from a good relegious family. now elders in both family are about to dicuss on this matter abt how to proceed this matter further as both girl and boy has prayed isthikhara salah and made thier decsion. insha allah they are planning to conduct this discussion in one week time from today. so the issue begins at when they wanted to take a wedding ceremony and waleema. my parenst wanted to have a royal ceremony and which i strongly declined. however after pleading from my parents i have made them to only have a nikah and waleema but no wedding. i have studied and also heard that the best nikah is the simiple nikah and it has full of blessings. so i wanted to have the waleema in a very minimized way but parents doesnt lsiten to me. for example, my parenst wanted to have a waleema with 125 - 150 savans. (1 savan means 6 people) so its a huge amount and i am unable to bear this cost. i told it to parents but they say if you want to get married you should save the amount that they have budgeted. they have budgeted it 10 lacks rupees (1 usd = 130 rupees) so i told i am only capable of providing the half and of ths and please dont make my waleema a difficult one to me. at last the sollution they gave is, ether lend some money from someone and do the waleema or delya the waleema for next year after you save money will have it. this is unfair and i am planning to go against them as no body is helping me out or understanding my situations.

Please tell me how do you see this and what do you think i should really do ? take a loan and do waleema ?

Jazakallah khair.

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Yes a simple nikah is the best nikah. But there is no harm in having a walima, a royal ceremony or a wedding. If your parents want to hold such gatherings then you should adhere to them. Your parents are obviously happy about your nikah and they want to express their happiness. It is obviously your marriage and you want to celebrate the way you want it. So you should consult with your parents and give your opinion on how you want to get married. If your parents are assisting then you should accept there request. If you cannot afford it then consult with your parents but if your parents are willing to help you with financial assistance then seek it. This should be between you and your parents. You should work together in finding a solution. But whatever you do it should be within shariah.

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