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God gave me many blessings that I am thankful for. I pray, and thank God everyday. I don't wanna sound like I am complaining. (Honestly I don't know if I am). Anyway, sometimes I feel like my life is completely useless, What am I gonna to do except eating, drinking, sleeping, studying, and worshiping God for his mercy and the other life. I am an 18 years old, female. I know you might tell me that one day I am gonna get married. But seriously I don't feel like this might happen. I don't know why, I never really thought that marriage is something that I am gonna do. I don't know if I am really depressed, I just can't see any reason why I am supposed to live. Really I am thankful for God and I love him, I am religious. But I always wonder why God created me, is there is a purpose that one should fulfil in life? I feel completely empty and lost. Thank you for any answer.

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Assalaamualaikum wr wb

I have, and used to have a similar feeling. It is not depression, it is a longing. Longing for the intimacy of your lord. I advise you to offer two circles of nafal salah, in the night, with the lights dimmed. After that, just pray to Allah, like you talk to a friend, a very close friend. He listens, He is there. Remember, He loves you.

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