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Assalamu alaikum

Please can you help me with this question about inheritance, I have goggled but cant find anything specific.

I would have to categorise myself as a non practising Muslim, but greatly instilled in me is the spiritual aspects and respect of both those older and younger of me, as detailed in Islam.

I am 1 of 7 children, 2 sons, I am the eldest, my brother is the exact opposite to myself, I have read Qur'an 4:11 Allah commands you as regards your children (inheritance), To the MALE, a portion equal to that of TWO FEMALES;

However this inheritance would relate to a house on a plot, that I have designed with great spiritual guidance for my grandparents, of course with the blessing of Allah, I am not an architect nor builder, but been gifted with many skills, also there are additional plots of land.

The house according to Islam / Bangladeshi practise would be split between me and my brother, after my parents had passed, there would be without doubt great issues between me and my brother, fuelled also by some of my sisters.

I have designed and would be building the house with the sole intention of creating something from my heart for my parents to retire abroad to and enjoy until they are called by Allah.

The inheritance issue even being raised or discussed is in my opinion a grave sin, but the issue was not raised and being pushed by myself.

I demanded that the whole estate be shared as per Islamic law Quran 4:11, but full control, award of the house be given to me to preserve, protect and for me to be responsible for its upkeep, in name and responsibility the house would be mine, but in practise is would be all seven of ours, to visit, stay, come and go as they please, (we live in the UK) in return to balance the justified injustice, my brother would be awarded a greater share of the land. However 1 day should we all decide all is to be sold, once everything is sold, all proceeds should be regarded as a whole, the total sum would then be divided, what monies are obtained would be divided as per Quran 4:11, all would get their share as stated, no injustices.

I appreciate that in practise I am asking my parents to stray slightly from Quran 4:11, but in my opinion that this wrong is for the greater good for all of us ?.

In these circumstances if my parents followed the division of the house in respect of Quran 4:11, they would be knowingly leaving me trouble, after they had passed, is that not a sin ?.

This building is currently being raised and is symbolic to me, a place of peace for them until their end and Allah calls them, working on it has given me great spiritual uplift, selling it does not even come into my mind.

I have even stated I want no inheritance, I would not wish to sully my good intentions and months of work, where I had great spiritual guidance, I could just walk away with the good intentions and love from my grandparents, whom via Allah have helped me in this, this experience cant be taken away from me.

Please if possible can I have a response, with quotes that show, sometimes you may have to stray, do slight unjust, for the greater good.

Also please can you say some prayers for me, I am already troubled without this issue, peace in my mind is the greatest thing I can crave. I am broken at the moment as my intention of good has been turned to inheritance and money even before the building has evolved and my parent passed.

As stated I may not "yet" be the practising Muslim I was raised to be, by my spiritual side and morals are greatly instilled.

I thank you sincerely for any assistance you can provide.

khuda hafiz

As salaam alaykum brother.

It would be better to consult an Alim-e-Deen, a Mufti or a Faqeh (one who knows Fiqeh). As I read the post, the matter is a little complicated, and twisted, which is difficult to comprhend and accomplish using virtual approaches, and could possibly render injustcie and inequality to any of the participants. Hence, I would recommend to solve such a critical matter offline.


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I agree with Someone.

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