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is there any repentance for me? i worship Allah so sincerely and im obedient to parents but yesterday i failed in exams and father shouted at me too much, so i was not able to control so i also shouted back i shouted too much.....but afterwards i felt sorry for that so is there any repentance for me,,,,,, will Allah accept my repentance

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A/a all the brethren.

I understand how you must be feeling about what you said, but it is not advisable to disclose your sins. Almost, everyone of does commit, but repentance is sought only by those in whose hearts, the fear and love of Allah still lights.

Allah is the most forgiving. Ask, seek his forgiveness true-heartedly and He shall accept you like anything, InshaAllah.

No matter how great our sins maybe, Allah's forgiveness, undoubtedly is greater than that, or anything.

May Allah accept your repentance and make you steadfast in religion and morality, and also bless me and rest of the people with he same. Aameen.


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