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I feel so confused, please advise!!

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I know what Jihad is, but No Islamic Country in its present tense has declared Jihad on another country or neither has there been one in its recent years.

What is he fighting for? You have to be very extremely careful because today modern time people claim that killing innocent people is Jihad, when this type of ideology is corrupt. Today the word Jihad has been misunderstood.

-Shaykh Syed Khwaja Qadri Hossain

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I agree!!!!

(Mar 19 at 05:55) theqman theqman's gravatar image

Love him for going to fight for Allah irrespective of any type of Jihad.

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Yes, that is the answer I found within myself too. You would never know whose desire is really more. His could be beyond mine, but Allah still comes first. Jazakallah Kheir for answering.

(Mar 17 at 00:08) Lady95 Lady95's gravatar image

Abdul you're too good at this, god bless you brother.

(May 08 at 23:16) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

Look there is no formal Jihad. He is going to die if you let him join up with the radical terrorists. He is not going to win wars, he is going to be another Muslim used by the West to justify the systemic genocide of Ethnic people. You need to tell him of this love and if he leaves LET HIM GO

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nice answer, I mostly agree. Yes, let go to a prison & learn some good lessons there.

(May 09 at 02:36) usrname14 usrname14's gravatar image


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It doesn't make him a terrorist @askislam you sure have a lot of hatred on recent posts and you seem to be quite confused about jihad. By the way if anyone is a terrorist it's my government the u.s.government that goes around killing with nothing but greed and power as their agenda. My grandfather a World War II vet even said this to me before he died. The wars we have been waging are not for our protection but to destroy others and take control it's sickening. Anyone going to back up our brothers and sisters in Syria to stand up against the corruption is someone I have much respect for.

(May 08 at 23:24) deathiscertain87 deathiscertain87's gravatar image

They all have jihad in common dont they @muhammad check ur pm at community site its important

(May 09 at 01:43) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

@deathincertain87 u know what war is a different thing then terrorism. The thing I am trying say is people think that what taliban is doing is jihad which disagree. Like I said b4, what kinda jihad it is which kills more Muslims in a decade then non Muslims. Jihad is also declared by a state not by group of people.this is not jihad we are misusing the term.

(May 09 at 06:25) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

First point what type of Jihad ????????????

Second point if you love him then propose your marriage towards him and consult your parents based upon this matter.

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Jihad as in going out to fight.

I am way too shy to send a proposal.

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shaykh, i would wager he is going to syria for jihad. or maybe he's going to blow himself up on a double decker bus in london. i'm just quessing, but in my experience there are alot of muslims living in the UK on this site.

so it takes a country to declare jihad? why wouldn't a revolution against an unjust ruler warrant jihad. or the american and british kufar killing of muslims?

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how is the west causing the systematic genocide of ethnic people. boko haram is not supported by the west, syria, the taliban, somalia. please this non-sense is getting tiresome. islam is at the root of most genocidal movements today.

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The world is complex. Start looking at the big picture. There are extremists (of all types)in any country in the world. A country that wants to push its agenda can simply secretly support extremists in another country to make a bad reputation about the group of people or country to which those extremists belong. You think the west with all of its technological advance and capabilities can't track down those crazy Boko HARAM guys. of course they can, but it is a matter of DO THEY WANT TO. I think the west wants them to commit more crimes & get the news in the media to win the public.

(May 09 at 02:48) usrname14 usrname14's gravatar image

Slam Lady95,

Report him to the local authority; you will be doing him a favor.

Jihad is Noble act but today's kids think it's the new COOL thing to do or want to run away from the life they are living. There are two types of Jihad:

  • self Jihad: meaning to work hard on doing good deed and avoiding temptations.
  • fighting in a war.

If he is thinking about going to places other than Syria, then I think you should not even carry over losing him or getting him arrested (those type of the so called Mujahidain are extremists and often have been brainwashed while they were young and immature).

Also, if he is going to Syria, then tell him this: Syria has enough man power from Syria & the neighboring countries. THEY DO NOT NEED MR. BIG TOUGH GUY. What Syria needs is people who fight for it by WORDS and HUMANITARIAN assistant.

Ask him this: - why don't start a campaign in your city/town to educate the public about what's happening in Syria. When people talk, governments listen & take actions in the hope of winning elections. - why don't you volunteer your time by collecting donations to the Syrian kids in those terrible camps (in Turkey, Jordan, etc). - why don't even go to one of those camps and teach the kids basic math, Arabic, etc. That will deeply and prominently change their lives forever. - why don't you learn about the crimes committed by evil Syrian regime, devote yourself to blogging about them, and compile them into one place. This will not only benefit anyone trying to expose those crimes (journalists, international war crime courts, etc) but it will people see PATTERNS as well as the big picture. For example, if the regime is using a specific tactic against the rebels in different parts of Syria, then you will recognize that tactic (pattern) in different crime scene (pictures), expose it, and help the rebels avoid that trap.

You see, this type of Jihad take a lot of work (especially brain work as well as physical work). Those new JIHADIS do not what to do that type of work, they just want to go party with the other crowds (you know, the type of party where they get a camera, scream, show off the guns, and grow their hair). Most of them did not even finish college in their life time. Without that type of education, you can't blame them for being easily brainwashed.

To sum up, report him to the Authority (especially if you have kinds with him. if so, then he should stay where he is and provide living & role model to his kids rather than running away from his responsibilities). Let mr. big tough guy read this.

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Such despicable answers. I cannot believe you can call yourselves Muslim. Jihad is one of the purest acts in Islam.

I have decided; if he wants to choose the path of our Lord then he shall do so, and I love him for that. It was only a selfish thought of mine that I wanted to keep him for myself.

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Jihad could also by used to murder people. look no further than people blowing themselves up in a market place (full of Muslims) in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan or in a hospital (full of Muslims) in Yemen or kill innocent unarmed non-Muslims in Syria & Egypt. If our objection to that non sense Jihad bothers you, then you are probably one of those brainwashed so called Muslims. We are MUSLIMS for ALLAH not for YOU or your OPINION OF US.

(May 09 at 22:25) usrname14 usrname14's gravatar image
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