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Hello everyone: I recently was accepted to start a teaching position in an Islamic country. As I'm preparing my self, I begin reading the "Quaran" online and visiting different forums. Within a short time I realized there were misconceptions I had, and know there is still much to learn.

As I began learning about Islam I came to an understanding. At least I think I have. Islam actually does not offend Christian beliefs. Meaning a Christian can go to a Muslim country, follow and practice Islamic law, and not violate their own beliefs. Christianity is monotheistic. The five pillars of faith are actually part of Christian teachings.

However the reverse is not true. There are costumes within the Christian belief that may violate the beliefs of Muslims. If you look at the historical context of Islam, it was established during a time Arabic lands were being invaded by foreign occupiers. Islam helped create the unity that created protection from foreign invasion.

So from this pretext if you fast forward to today, this sets the stage for extremism within the Muslim faith. A "radical call to action" and fear that governments will impose laws against the belief of Muslims.

So here is my question. As a guest in an Islamic country, what advice would you have for me? What can I do to alleviate tension? So my students and families know that I am not against "their way of life." Is my previous assessment accurate?

Is a Christian American teaching in an Islamic country an offense in and of itself; sense I would be a guest and not an aggressor.

Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. Rather you are extremely against foreigners teaching in an Islamic country or not. All thoughts are welcome.

I would also like to say that I understand the vast majority of Muslims do not advocate violence. So the purpose of my question is with this understanding. I'm hoping to gain insight from both sides of the spectrum. If there is a religious/cultural concern to my teaching in an Islamic country, I would like to hear it.

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