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Today, my parents went to a new grocery store and bought some meat from the man there. The man was muslim and just to make sure my dad asked the man if the meat is halal. The guy said tbat it is halal. When my dad got home with it, the meat was in a Schneiders Meat box with a Schneiders Meat seal so my sibling and I assumed (we still think) it is from Schneiders. We knew that the meat is not halal and did research on it and it is in fact not halal. My parents spent about close to $60-70 on the meat and we find out that it isn't halal. What should we do? We have guests coming over tomorrow and we need meat to make some of the foods? I looked at some other websites and they said to give it to someone and not to eat it. We're really confused. Thank you so much for your help! P.S. My parents are saying that they didn't know and trusted the muslim man so we are permissible to eat it but I just want to make sure.

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There will be no harm because you did not know it was haram. It is better that you consult with your local Imam and instead of wasting your time finding answers on the internet on which meat product is halal and which meat product is haram. As different countries have different companies that sell halal meat.

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I am new to Islam, but I remember reading a book about Islam. It said that if you eat meat that is haram and then you find out that it was, no fault is on you...and so it explained that once you discover something is haram you should abandon using it, doing it, or eating it. Again I am no expert, but for how I understand that if you sacrifice by not eating it, then Allah will reward you. If you do eat it, I don';t know if there will be a chastisement. I hope I helped you to think of a solution.

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