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Assalamu'Alykum, brother in islam My name is Muhammad Mohsin I am a student of age 16. Presently living as a paying guest in srinagar kashmir... It has been half a year now since I reside hear. It was, my fourth day when this saintly looking man (the house owner) called me to his room, told me to turn the lights off, lit a candle and asked me for can I see some blue color other times red green yellow or black colors in the flame. (obviously all these colors are in the flame)... When I said yes he replied these are the angels(angel of surah Yaaseen ,muzamil etc) which he have earned as a gift from Allah..then of my surprise this consistant worshiper of allah started praising the hindu false gods like shiv mata laxmi durga etc also he said that baghwan krishna( his words) had come there some times befour and promised him that if he will go to some temple in somewhere in india he will give him a ring by which he will get extra powers of the unseen. (I object)...he sees his patients on a daily basis and they are also satisfied I don't know how and why but they get cured...He claims that besides jinn other unseen creatures(like dead humans) can also posess humans for which I found no back from the glorious Quran... He offers salah five times a day with tahjud etc...he claims that during ruqyah(exorcism) session only quran doesn't work(I object) but the help from angels,false gods false scriptures etc work...I mean how can angels work for humans as they are to work for Allah. Only... Now some disturbing things which happened to me.. A few weeks ago I got a date from nowhere in front of me which was wet and fresh.( I said from nowhere)... Whenever I open the curtains there is a black cat with horrible eyes looking in my eye... My notebook is missing from 2 days ..this happened when I slept while doing some physics problems at 11 pm.and when I woke up my notebook was missing( shouldn't it be on my side like my textbook was)I searched everywhere but in vain... I would be privileged to get the answer for what this man is doing or is he in want of a passport for hell..what is the story of the date?, another character black cat which really terrifies me though I often do adkar and read quran offer salah alhamdulillah but still where is my notebook... Thanku Asalamualykum

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This man shows great signs of evil, shirk, lying and kufr. Remember to seek he Ayatul Kursi. Stay away from him, and remember to recite the last three surahs of the Glorious Quran, and Ayat ul Kursi.

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I personally think you should move. And yes read the Aytal Kursi all the time and recite the Quran out loud whenever you read.

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A/a all.

Mohsin saeba, me chum basaan chxe kar shift. You should just ignore this man and read 3 Quls and Ayat al-Kursi daily.

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