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What is to be done when a grave caves in due to heavy snow and rain. The grave is 63 days old and has sunk in due to heavy snowfall. Plz reply in light of shariah. It is also humbly requested to reply asap keeping in view the fact that there is also some water in the grave which is difficult to drain out as the forecast for next 30 hours is heavy snowfall and showers

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Salam Muslim Brother/Sister:

In Islam, when someone is buried, the body shouldn't be in a coffin or anything of that sort. Having the body in a coffin during transportation to the grave is fine but the body should be in the ground by itself. After that, the body is supposed to be covered with dirt and have no room to allow a cave-in. Having a coffin/wooden box would loosen the soil as the decay and worms ate it and left a air-bubble in the ground. If there was a coffin/wooden box, you should remove the body, clear out the liquid in the grave, and re-bury the body and bury it by itself to not allow any further disturbance to the grave.

I hope I answered your question.

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Dear Brother,


The body was buried strictly as per Islamic rites in lahad (without a coffin of course) on 13th January however due to snow and heavy rains, it has sunk in, with some water logging also. Most of the graves in the area have also sunk in leaving gapping holes at the top.

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I apologize if my question seemed rude brother/sister. With your information of the snow and heavy rain, and the gaping holes at the top of graves, i can conclude the following: As the water seeped into the ground, the temperatures were cold enough for the ground to freeze and swell (due to the expansion of water freezing into ice) and then melting, causing the soil to loosen dramatically. This happens a lot in most countries with cold temperatures. I am sure that this happens often at many other graves too. I am not an authority in Islam, but I would suggest that you fill the tops of the graves and reposition the tombstones to their original places (if they have been moved during the cave-ins of the graves). The bodies should not have moved if the ground simply swelled and melted. Furthermore, I would suggest that you speak to a local sheikh to either solidify my suggestion or to give you a better solution.

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