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Hello, I am a high school student doing a report on Islam's view on capital punishment. If you could answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge I would be very appreciative.

1) What is Islam's overall view on capital punishment? 2) Which quotes from the Qur'an supports or condemns capital punishment? 3) What is your religion's leader view on capital punishment? 4) If Islam does not currently support capital punishment, did you previously permit capital punishment? 5) Does Islam's view on capital punishment vary from country to country? 6) What would a person have to do before being punished with the death penalty? 7) What are the consequences of capital punishment? 8) Does a certain group of people from your religion oppose capital punishment? 9) Does Islam have church documents separate from the Qur'an which permits capital punishment? 10) Have you been witness to capital punishment? Was it carried out humanely?

Thank you!

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Salam My brother In Creation:

First, I will answer to "yes islam is very much in favor of captital punishment. 5:32 and 5:33 both call for killing people for spreading corruption.":

No, Islam does not favor capital punishment and rarely calls for it. Do you know the side-effects of corruption? do you know its consequences? Had you knows them; you would surely not be in disagreement. You do know what is going on around the world right? I believe that you have read many articles about our planet dying as a result of the greed and corruption of corporal giants. I also believe you know the effects of man-made radiation from their n.b. testing. You should also be aware of the effects of pesticides on the environment and on all those who eat the food. You should also know that all wars that have ever begun were started as a result of a conflict between corrupted individuals or government officials. My friend, before you criticize the death of those who are corrupt, you should learn about its devastating, extremely long effects. You should see the number of people who died as a DIRECT result of those who are greedy. Do your own research about the corrupt and i GUARANTEE that you won’t be saying such words.

Secondly, I shall respond to "as the person above also mentioned the koran states an eye for an eye, and ear for an ear and a nose for a nose.":

I'm sure you are being very selective on what you read and what you choose to ignore. If I were to say "eye for an eye," alone, then it would be up for debate and interpretation. I CLEARLY gave an example on how it is only to show a exchange of equal value only. An eye for an eye is the lowest level of such equivalent exchange. I would like you to re-read the story in the first reply I made with the prophets David and Solomon. You will understand what I meant if you were to read it.

Thirdly, I shall answer to "there is also a hadith where muhammad cuts of murderers' hands and feet and gouges their eyes out and leaves them to die in the sun. sounds pretty brutal to me?"

Please know who the Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) is before reading such hadith, for you will know that this hadith is a LIE. In Islam, torture is FORBIDDEN. Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) could have never done something like this. This FAKE hadith is full of torture. I have never heard or read this hadith anywhere. Whoever made up this hadith is a LIAR. No prophet has done something like this to anyone for any reason. In Islam, Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) is regarded and has the title of being The Encompassing Mercy of Allah (swt), so there is no way Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) would have done this. Please be assured that I have studied Islam for the past 7 years and I know what I am talking about when I say that a hadith is a lie or not.

Fourth, I shall answer to "the great irony in sharia (islamic law) is that a murderer can pay "blood money" to the family of the person killed and not be punished.":

If you truly know the sharia, then you would know that paying blood money goes far more than just a payment. When someone pays blood money, it means for the rest of his life, he has to pay the family for the rest of his life. He is also enslaved to the family of the person he murdered (I will make a response about the remark you made on slavery) for the rest of his life, if he is not sentenced to death for murder. In the Sharia (which you should know if you are going to bring it up), murderers are only put to death is: if they killed for absolutely no reason, and kill out of arrogance. The only time blood money is paid is if someone accidentally killed someone.

Fifthly, I shall respond to "also drinking gets you 80 lashes andmuhammad is reported to say that he would only pay blood money to the drunk who dies from his lashes.":

Yes, people, under Islamic law, get lashed for drinking, BUT be aware that there are MANY circumstances that have to be in place before this takes effect. If someone has an addiction to drinking and is trying to enter Islam, Islam pardons him/her a lot of slack and a lot of time so that they can get rid of their addiction. The ONLY TIME that one gets lashed is when they are OPENLY drink in an Islamic community and know that they are in an Islamic community and not caring AND AFTER members of the islamic community try to talk to him/her about it. If someone were to drink in secret because they are too addicted or because they used to drink (before they converted to Islam) when they faced a severe problem or/and depression, Islam also pardons this and Muslims in the community are required (if they are aware of this persons problems) to assist and help this person.

Lastly, I shall respond to "helper, you say opposing what is allowed is shirk. So outlawing slavery is shirk?”:

Yes, indeed I did say that. Do NOT compare slavery in Islam to the slavery in the United Stated (when it had slaves) and how they treated their slaves as nothing more than property. In Islam, ONLY UNDER EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES does one have a slave. there are not that many circumstances so i shall explain them:

Circumstance #1: If one lives in a country or place where slaves are bought and sold, ONE CAN ONLY BUY A SLAVE TO FREE THEM!!! Whenever the Holy Prophet Mohammad's (pbuhahf) son-in-law Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (pbuh) bought a slave, Ali (pbuh) would treat them like the princes/princesses of the house. He would give them whatever they wanted when he could if it was good for them. He would tell them of a wiser choice if they asked for something that is not good for them. He treated himself like the slave when they were around. AFTER EDUCATING THEM about: farming, managing their money, mathematics, sciences, literature, etc, he would free them and give them a piece of land that they could make a living on.

Circumstance #2) The second circumstance is when someone kills someone for no reason. When someone does this, they either have the choice of living and being the slave of the family of the victim, or he can choose to be killed for his crime (again, killing is a very absolute last resort in Islam. the murderer would have to choose it over being the slave of the family to be executed). This is the only slavery in which is life-long and doesn't end until he either dies, or is physically incapable of doing any work (like elderly people).

I hope I answered your questions my brother in creation. If you have any more questions regarding anything I just said, post another comment and I will reply.

Tips for you as an individual:


Do not pick out a quote without researching about it and do not take it for its face-value.

Do not be naive when reading Islamic hadith. Many hadith have been made up by liars just so that they can have a name.

READ “Nahjul Balagha”. It’s about Ali's (pbuh) life. It’s a very good read and all the hadith and sayings of his are legitimate and true.

If you wish to make another reference to hadith/saying, please be sure that it is legitimate and not bogus.

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Salam Brother in creation,

I will first clarify "but let's exaime the logic here. someone kills my wife and now i should take them into my home and teach them science,mathmatices, etc. etc. i should trust them around my children?":

This is not the same type of slave I am referring to. In the time of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf), people bought and sold slaves regularly and normally; and no, The Prophet did not allow this but people did it anyways because they were not Muslim. These are slaves that where enslaved by force into slavery from being captured or being taken, etc., not murderers like you are saying. One slave is a slave because of a crime they did and one slave is a slave against their own will. i hope i clarified that much for you. The one that people are requested to free (if they can/ if it exists in their area) are the ones who were slaves against their own will. So these are the slaves that are not murderers that you should trust your family with, as you put. The murderers that are slaves do not reside with the family, that's ludicrous. An example of not residing with family:

The murderer would work and reside in some form of a work station, and they would meet his basic human needs to food, water, appropriate clothing, and shelter. His pay would go to the family so there is no connection or contact between the family and the murderer.

Secondly, I will reply to "so public intoxication gets you 80 lashes, we agree?":

If you did not read what I said about it in the previous reply, then go re-read it. If you choose not to, that's up to you. I gave very specific examples of when a person is lashed and also showed how much slack and room and time Islam give one before their very last resort of lashing.

Thirdly, I will reply to "i live in florida and i thank ddt for having eliminated malaria, that appearently your god created to kill people? funny i was having dinner with my parents last week because my aunt was n town and my dad was talking about teh first underground nuclear test he went to in nevada. my dad worked for honeywell as a program manager for the space and strategic avionics division. he lead the progaram that developed a nuclear hardened computer. i guess he should be stoned to death? "

It seems you are ignorant of the severe effects pesticides, nuclear radiation (even if it is underground the radiation will penetrate the Earth, leading into underground water sources. Take a college physics class and you will understand that radiation goes everywhere and lasts a very, very long time) on the world. Yes i already know that they do it all on computers know, that is because they understood what they were doing to the world by releasing strontium 90 (through nuclear explosions). No he wouldn't deserve to be stoned. Why do you keep jumping to conclusions? Why would you ask about your father being stoned? Have I not told you a bunch of times that punishment is an extreme last resort in Islam???

If you are trying to be offensive, I would suggest you become more polite. I’m here to answer a question that someone has asked so that they gain knowledge from the answer, so please be more respectful. No one is attacking anyone here.

Regarding the effects of corruption and greed: If you have time, i would suggest that you watch the documentary called "Home" which talks and brings FACTS AND EVIDENCE of the destruction of our planet due to the corruption and greed of corporate giants:

If you have already watched it, then you should know what i am trying to point to.

Before i start with your claim that "your claim that Allah (swt) created things to kill us", i would like to ask you what you mean by "your god"? if you are Muslim, then we share the same God. If you are Christian, we share the same God. If you are Jewish, we share the same God. Why is this so? Because there is only God; there isn’t an Islamic God or a Christian God or a Jewish God. People created the concept that they have their own God so that they can feel superior to someone outside of their religion. So do not try to pin an idea of yours into a personal harassment on others.

Regarding your claim that Allah (swt) created things to kill us: Allah (swt) did not create malaria to kill people; that’s ludicrous. Tell me, were viruses and bacteria made to infect and kill humans? Was mercury made so that if someone comes in contact with it, it destroys their nervous system over time? Were ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays created so that if you come in contact with it, your DNA would be mutated and cause defects? Were uranium and other radioactive elements made to cause cancer and disease to humans?

You do not know anything about Allah (swt) and you are willing to jump to conclusions about the things He created out of you own ignorance. Allah (swt) created all things that fit the concept of existence. This is proven when you go look at all the hundreds of millions of species of animal you can learn about. This is animals alone and animals that live on the land. There are also hundreds of millions of species of animals that live in the water, fresh and salty. There are also billions of different species of plants and bacteria. Allah (swt) can create whatever He wants, whenever He wants, however He wants, for any reason He wants. Remind me, when was the last time God took permission from anyone to create something?

Do yourself a favor, sit down and realize that everyone will meet their end wether it is in 100 years, a month, or a day. Would you say that you were born just to die? Do not criticize Allah (swt) because of the existence of a few organisms/things that are lethal. If you choose to be blind of His Magnificence and His All-Mighty Power to create anything He chooses, then that's the fault of your own arrogance, thinking that you are wiser than the Creator.

Fourthly, i shall respond to "lashing people and stning them or crucifying them is torture by an reasonable modern persons definition. so to say, "in islam, torture is FORBIDDEN" is catgorically WRONG.":

Do understand the difference between torture and punishment. Torture is when one causes suffering, purely for the sake of causing pain. Punishment is when someone is being penalized for an offense they have committed. Islam forbids torture and allows punishment. Please get your facts straightened and you will understand what I am saying.

Lastly, I shall respond to "btw, best be careful, i think you just called aisha or your boy ali or maybe both corrupt "all wars that have begun...." surely you know of the battle of camel.":

Of course I know that battle, but let us be very clear on one thing: there is a HUGE difference between starting a war and fighting in a war. One who starts war is the corrupt and the one who fights the one who started it to defend themselves and their religion, are not the corrupt. Aisha started the war and Ali (a.s.) fought against it. If you choose to say anything, remember that Ali (a.s.) was the caliph at the time and Aisha waged war against him.

I do not understand why you choose to call Ali (a.s.) "your boy ali". I do not want to bring in a conflict of religion; this is not the point of this website. Do not offend me by calling him that because you can. You cannot bring a single sin or wrong act that Ali (a.s.) has done. You criticize and mock him for something you believe he has done. You are naive and believe something someone has told you about him that isn’t true without research of the matter. In this website, there is no such thing as Sunni or Shiite unless someone wants to know their views on a topic/idea/event. If you want to bring in religious conflicts, I would suggest you find a website that is debating it. There, you can talk about anything you want. Here, we are answering questions for the benefit of the people reading.

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I only remember Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf) saying that Khadija (pbuh) was the mother of muslims. I am also aware that all of the prophets wives were forbidden for anyone to marry, but i dont remember the hadith saying Aisha is also the mother of mulims.

i can not guess your religion. You say you are not muslim, then you say "inshallah"...

I have no interest on sitting on a high horse, figuratively or literally. I said that you should understand the difference between torture and punishment. I dnot know where you got your information of "the number one reason for torture is punishment" from. Thats bogus. for the last time, Torture is when one causes suffering for their own amusement and punishment is when someone commits a crime and is being "punished" for it. i dont know what image you have tied with punishment, but there are a million different kinds of punishments. getting banned from a website, getting fined a ticket, getting detention, getting grounded, etc. i dont know where you can find torture in those. again there is more than one form of punishment, it doesnt always have to be something painful.

There is no such thing as "good" slavery. I said if the country or area you live in buys and sells slaves (which doesnt apply in the modern world since it is illegal to own a slave in international law. and yes i am aware that there are countries that do not abide by international laws and regulations.), it is the duty of a muslim to free them. I never said one can "own" a slave. I clearly remember saying to buy slaves in order to free them.

the prophets you mentioned lived in a time where not everyone was a believer in them. So no, they couldn't stop slavery. But, at the time of king Solomon, there were no slaves in his kingdom because solomon didn't allow it.

Yes, the rebels are corrupt. that's a given after seeing what they did to civilian populations that had nothing to do with their conflict with the government. The rebels are the ones who strap bombs on themselves and in their cars and drove them into civilian areas and exploded them, killing tens of thousands up til now. they are the ones who raided hospitals and killed everyone in sight. they are the ones who beheaded and ate the dead. They are far beyond corruption. i don't think they have made a word for these crimes against humanity yet.

I dont remember once, during our conversation, having insulted you or mocked you. I would appreciate it if you asked your questions without mocking me. Thank you.

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You are right. By definition, torture can be punishment. but punishment doesn't have to be painful or torturous. im pretty sure we can both agree on this.

"so the prophets couldn't stop slavery. ok, why couldn't your all powerful god?":

God gave humans free will. so they can do as they please. if they choose to obey Him, they get rewarded accordingly. If they choose to deny and ignore Him, they also get rewarded accordingly. That's all. In Islam, God put humans on Earth so that they can be tested and so that they can show their real selves. God already knows what we would do. But imagine people were created and thrown straight to Hell from the get go, that would be unfair right? they haven't earned it. And imagine from the get go people get sent to heaven, they also haven't earned it. Free-will is our best tool as human beings. And with this, people change their tool into a weapon. they go after their desires, obey their pride, blind themselves with their own ignorance, and thus people became corrupt and down their path of corruption, slavery was born through the arrogance of man thinking they are better than another based on race, ethnicity, status, birth/heratige, etc. The ppoint im trying to make is that we are here to earn either heaven or hell by the time we die. I understand that their are a lot of people who die young because of disease, mutations, wars etc. There is a world called Barzakh between this life and the here-after. they will get tested there if they die here without finishing their test. Im sure that we can also agree on this.

"would you kill an apostate (as ali did in the 84th book of bukhari)": Imam Ali(a.s.) didn't kill any apostle. Bukhari is a Sunni Islamic book. Sunnis dislike Ali (a.s.), so it wouldn't be odd to hear them say things that arent correct about him.

"2:7 god will requite them in their mockery.":

I apologize if i have mocked you. I didn't mean too.

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"this is just a big waste of time, or just for god's amusement. he already know who will be "guided" and those whose hearts are sealed.":

Yes, He does, but that doesn't mean you (as an individual) were not in control of it. You have the power to become whoever and whatever you want to become. Since Allah (swt) is not bound by time or space, to him, the past, present, and future are all known to him. That's how Allah (swt) knows what goes on at any time, any place. He did not predetermine our destinies, it is foreknown to Him. If you know someone very well, what choices they would make, how they make their decisions, you would know what path they are going to choose in their life. Now, what about Allah (swt), the All-Knowing? Surely He knows what choices we humans will make.

"oh, i know, maybe there were 15 like in the "history of the world" and mel brooks (moses) dropped one of the tablets.":

I would like this conversation not to be sarcastic. I would also ask you not to compare the Holy Prophets of God to anyone. Comparing them to actors??? -_____- lets not do that.

"barzakh? a third world? no, even on that i do not agree. there is no afterlife, so no need for a testing ground of fire were a messinger is sent to someone who has not heard of islam and tells them to jump into the fire. and if they do they will find it cooling and get to go to paradise. but if the don't they are condemned to the hellfire. is that what u r talking about?":

Barzah is the third world Allah (swt) mentions in the Holy Qur'an. There are many many worlds, not just three. I don't understand what you mean by someone going and telling people in Barzakh about Islam. Islam simply means submitting to God. A Muslim is someone who has submitted to the will of God. In this context, you can say that all of the people who believed in God are muslim, not by being followers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuhahf), but by obeying their God's orders. So when you say someone tells people about islam, what do you mean? Please elaborate so I may give a good answer.

If you look at the injustices that go on in your world, you would know that there has to be a time when people are served justice. There has to be, otherwise this whole world is unfair. The world is fair, the people in it are not. Before you can learn about the afterlife, you would have to learn about God, the Creator and Lord of the worlds.

"don't worry about calling me ignorant, it actually wouldn't be a good day unless a muslim called me ignorant. in my twisted, diseased kafir heart it makes me smile. :) ":

Everyone is ignorant. We all are lacking knowledge and we all have room to learn and grow. Muslims, why? Muslims are like the everyday person, human and limited. I hope that what you have read and saw on tv or through the media has not created a negative image of the 1.7 Billion muslims on the planet in your mind. Those who claim Islam and create a negative image of it should be called muslims. They are hypocrites and evil-doers, not muslims.

There are so many requirements one has to have in order to be considered a muslim. In this case, people degrade you by calling you a kafir and a diseased hearted person shouldn't be called a muslim. Even if it were true, muslims are not allowed to point it out. Those individuals need to learn about their religion before making comments about other people.

I would ask and request from you not to have this negative image of muslims in your mind as we talk because it would make this conversation and any conversation between you and a muslim invalid and pointless.

Why would you label yourself as a person who has a twisted, diseased Kafir heart? A kafir is someone who denies the existence of God after learning and making that conclusion. Someone who doesn't know God can not deny God. I am pretty sure that, had you known God, you wouldn't say that he doesn't exist.

I can agree on that with you, to some degree. People have morphed God, in their little minds and imaginations, to best fit their ideals and to help them justify their actions. That God does not exist. People who attach an image to God, that God doesn't exist either. People have made other people God, that is blasphemy. God is not limited to anything and everything is limited in His presence (which is everything). I would gladly answer questions about God for you.

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"started with 50 but allah changed his mind?" - this hadith is false. Allah doesnt change his mind. if He did, he wouldn't be all-knowing and he would not be God.

"do you agree with abdul wasway that the veil is compulsory?" - Allah has embedded beauty in women and wearing the hijad block this beauty from the gaze men because it is hard for men not to look.

People were given freewill to do as they please. if they obey, there's a reward for it. if they disobey, there is also a reward for it.

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Salam Muslim Brother/Sister, Lets answer these questions one a time, this might take long. If you wish to use my quotes in your report, you may do so ON THE GROUNDS that you use the WHOLE quote in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion: Let me start off with something very essential: IN ISLAM, LIFE IS SACRED. DEATH BY PUNISHMENT IS THE MOST ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT. I hope you understand this.

1) In Islam, capital punishment is permitted, but under the most extreme of situations. The evidence to the crime of the person has to be irrefutable. The evidence has to be so obvious that it is blinding. But, Islam obligates the judge to give the accused a chance to speak in his/her defense.

2,3 & 6) I do know know the Holy Verse in the Qur'an that speaks of capital punishment, but I can give you examples and situations of times when people are put to death:

A) Adultery - Adultery is when a married man/woman has intercourse with another woman/man that is not their spouse that is either married or not. Adultery is punished with death, BUT before the judge can pass judgement, the judge needs 4 witnesses who actually saw them have intercourse (like actually saw them do it). This is going to be a little off topic but it is necessary for me to point out. If you see someone trying to kill themselves, do you just watch them and do nothing? NO, in Islam, you must do everything you can to save them from their decision, unless it threatens your life. This is the same case with those committing adultery. If you have 4 witnesses, you must ask them if they did try to stop it; if they did not, they have allowed people to kill themselves, which Allah (s.w.t.) will question them for on Judgement Day. Again 4 witnesses MUST see the penetration in order for them to be witnesses. False witnessing is punishable with the same punishment they allowed someone to receive with their lie. Example: If 4 witnesses lied about Adultery, causing people to die, they will meet the same fate when they are exposed for their lie.

B) An Eye for an Eye (This was a law passed down in The Holy Zaboor, Holy Tawrat, Holy Ingeel, and in the Holy Quran) - Eye for an eye was first practiced by, the Prophet and King, Dawood (David) and his son, Prophet and King, Sulayman (Solomon). Eye for an eye can be taken literally, but it simply means that if one causes loss to a person, that person should take something of equal value to replace their loss from the one who caused their loss. But let me tell you a story about this: One day, Nabi Dawood was commencing a trial. The trial was about shepherds who stole crops from their neighboring farmers. The shepherds admitted to their crime and a sentence must be carried out to bring justice between the two. Nabi Dawood ordered that the meat of the sheep and goats of the shepherds get sold and that the money of the sales goes to the farmers, equivalent to the amount and price that the farmers would have made from selling their crops. Then, Nabi Sulayman proposed another solution. Nabi Sulayman proposed that the shepherds sell the wool of the sheep and goats, pay for the equivalent of the crops that they stole, and keep whatever is left for themselves. This way, the shepherds keep their sheep and goats, and the farmers get their crops worth. Both solutions are equally just, but one contained more wisdom and mercy (note:it is not to say that Nabi Sulayman is better than Nabi Dawood, it just shows that one had a better solution). There are many stories like this, and i am sure you can find them on the internet with a works cited list. So that's what I mean by equivalent value for "an eye for an eye".

How is this relevant to capital punishment? It shows that there are better solutions to problems than just death. But what is the equivalent of a life? There is no equivalent for someone's life. The closest thing to that is if the murderer replaces the murdered's place in paying for the murdered's family's expenses for the rest of his/her life. But he/she can not replace a lost mother or father or brother or sister or aunt or uncle. A murderer who committed murder due to jealousy or lust or anger can be given the option of what I just said. But not those who kill because they could. Murder through arrogance of supremacy is punished by death. Again, the circumstances have to call for death of the convicted; otherwise one should look for a solution to the problem. I hope i answered these two questions.

4) Islamic laws are based on the Holy Qur'an, the Sunnah, and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.a.h.f.), the hadith of the as-habe (in the Suni branch), and the hadith of Ahlul Bayt (in the Shia branch). Islamic laws is static. There are circumstances that may be added to the law in order to find a solution to them (based on what I listed above).

5) Islam is Islam no matter where you go, yet people go about interpreting the Holy Qur'an how they please so it creates a difference in opinion, which is why there are sects in every religion. So yes, it does vary, BUT IT SHOULDN'T.

7) The consequence of the death penalty is so that people will not commit the same sin. When people witness what happens as a cost of disturbing the peace, they themselves will not repeat it.

8) Opposing the death penalty and making it a last resort are completely different things. Muslims shouldn't oppose or reject it, for it is permitted by Allah (s.w.t.). Opposing a law of Allah (s.w.t.) is shirk, because it would mean that you are wiser than Allah (s.w.t.), and know that Allah (s.w.t.) is wiser than His creatures.

9) Islamic laws do not take permission from anyone other than the Holy Qur'an, the Hadith, and the Sunnah. So no, it doesn't have any documents with anyone that do not coincide with the Holy Qur'an, Hadith, or the Sunnah.

10) No, I have never witnessed capital punishment.

I hope i answered your questions. If you have any other questions, post it and someone will answer you.

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well, i'm not a muslim but i have reead the koran and many hadiths.

yes islam is very much in favor of captital punishment. 5:32 and 5:33 both call for killing people for spreading corruption. this could range from blasphemy (insulting islam or allah or muhammad) to apostate (leaving islam). as the person above also mentioned the koran states an eye for an eye, and ear for an ear and a nose for a nose. also in the fifth surah (chapter), but i don't recall the exact verses. if you consider pummeling someone to death with rock humane then that could be a yes. there is also a hadith where muhammad cuts of murderers' hands and feet and gouges their eyes out and leaves them to die in the sun. sounds pretty brutal to me?

the great irony in sharia (islamic law) is that a murderer can pay "blood money" to the family of the person killed and not be punished. put if a woman is proven to have commited adultry by giving birth, she will be stoned. after she "lays down her burden".

also 24:2 says to lash fornicators 100 times, and that has been known to kill people. also drinking gets you 80 lashes andmuhammad is reported to say that he would only pay blood money to the drunk who dies from his lashes.

helper, you say opposing what is allowed is shirk. so outlawing slavery is shirk?

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hotwa, you a shia? lot to take in there. let me see if i can take it in reverse.

slavery, ah, the old kinder gentler slavery arguement. you know what they say, i gilded cage is still a cage. and what about enslaving people as war booty? i've never heard of this murder being made a slave before, what madhab do you follow? but let's exaime the logic here. someone kills my wife and now i should take them into my home and teach them science,mathmatices, etc. etc. i should trust them around my children? this is a truely bizarre concept.

so public intoxication gets you 80 lashes, we agree?

if you want to read the hadith go to put in the word ukl (the name of the tribe) in the search box in the book of bukhari. if you want to call your brothers and sisters in islam liars, that is up to you. i didn't write it buddy, i only read it.

my screen is jumpin around to be continued bellow

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interesting that you ignore my mention of blasphemy and apostate and go to corperate corruption? yes pesticides can be bad and damaging, but they also allow for increased crop yeild. your examples are poor. considering muslims have doubled their population in the last thirty years you should be happy with corperate intovation in farming. i live in florida and i thank ddt for having eliminated malaria, that appearently your god created to kill people? funny i was having dinner with my parents last week because my aunt was n town and my dad was talking about teh first underground nuclear test he went to in nevada. my dad worked for honeywell as a program manager for the space and strategic avionics division. he lead the progaram that developed a nuclear hardened computer. i guess he should be stoned to death? your funny dude. i think you understand very little of the world. the planet is not dying, it is being stressed by over population. but don't worry, the water wars will start soon enough and 100s of millions of people will be shed. and quess what, there are no more nuclear testing going on. it's all done on computers now.

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