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I was blessed to meet a wonderful sister and was naturally introduced to her parents with the intention if being married this year.

Unfortunately I was bit there for her at a time she needed me and she has decided that she no longer wants to marry me, this is coupled with waiting a year (next month) following an introduction to get parents before I was going to approach them for their blessing to marry their daughter.

Given the circumstances I feel that I have not only let her down but also feel that I have let her parents down for not requesting their permission for marriage.

It is important for me that they know that when I was introduced my intentions were pure and not asking for their daughters marriage was not out if respect or due to false intentions

Is this deemed acceptable, I do not want them to blame themselves for their daughter not being married an that they have a beautiful child that they should be proud of

Please note she has married and divorced and no I had not requested their permission, I was going to request this in April this year

With thank

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