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  1. Why Do Muslims use Capital Punishment?
  2. What texts from the Qur’an supported the use of Capital Punishment for Muslims?
  3. What was the reason Capital punishment stopped within the Muslim faith
  4. What Muslim documents supported the idea of Capital Punishment
  5. Did any Muslim documents oppose the use of Capital Punishment?
  6. What are some divergent views on Capital Punishment within the Muslim faith
  7. Which major Muslim leaders supported Capital Punishment?

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I have recently answered this sort of question not too long ago.

I hope you get your questions answered.

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  1. they believe it is justice and a deterent
  2. read the fifth surah
  3. it didn't. there are some muslim majority who go by modern/secular law and may not impose the death penalty, although i don't know who they are? turkey maybe, but it is a declared secular state.
  4. along with the koran the hadiths. go to read the 81st through 84th books of bukhari.
  5. not that i know of. omar, the second caliphate did suspend the cutting of of thieves hands during a famine. not that that is capital punishment, but a pretty brutal penalty.
  6. some muslims argue that the 2nd verse of the 24th surah abrogated (replaced) the stoning of adulterers with 100 lashes. but those are mostly western muslims. the four major sunni schools fiqh (islamic jurisprudance) have stoning as the penalty.
  7. all of them. muhammad, and the 4 "rightly guided" caliphates, abu bakr, omar, uthman, ali.
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