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I was 17 when i gained admission to the university. I was gay and always do masturbation. Anytime i commit sodomy (homosexual) or masturbation, i did ask for forgiveness after some time and then go back to the sinful act again. It went on for almost three years. One thing i know is i always begged Allah to help me stop this act and never to go back to it again. Now the problem is i am HIV positive. I feel ashamed of my self, i feel Allah will never forgive me again. May be it's too late for me. For the past one month i discovered i am positive, i've been praying to Allah to forgive me, to give me a second chance and grant me a long and healthy life. But i'm thinking maybe my dua will not be accepted and i will be punished on the day of ressurection. I am confused, will Allah ever forgive me? Please i need an answer and prayers.

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Dude now you need medical treatment and take care of your body. Allah will not help you, but you can help yourself.

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