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AssalaamuAlykum Wr Wb.

Last night, after we finished Ishaa in masjid, I went to another part of masjid to offer remaining Sunnah and Witre.

I was feeling very hot, as the climate has been hot from past few days. Before starting doing my Awraad / Zikre, after remaining salah, I turned on the fan. And, while I was doing Zikre, I felt a sudden feeling of guilt and shame, because I turned on the fan of masjid, for my personal use. However, I believe, there were others who also felt hot. But, I turned on the fan because i was feeling hot. By the time I finished, and looked around it was just me. Also, I do not pay the monthly contribution, because I am not a permanent resident.

I think I committed a sin. What do you think. Please comment.

You did not commit a sin. You just turned on the fan. Thats what its there for. Dont think you sinned because of that, dont go to extremes

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Yes, of course it is there to be used, but I turned it on for my personal relief/utility. Doesn't that seem awkward? I mean it belongs to the Muslims, not to me alone.

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why don't you go and ask whoever is in charge of the masjid. or just send them some money for the power you used and the wear and tear on the fan. a quarter of a euro should cover it.

my god, there are sins everywhere you look in islam. ;)

(Apr 12 at 17:12) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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