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I am student somedays before i was suffering from satanic whispers and thoughts they were so severe that i couldn't help but to curse myself or call death upon me for having them... I cried many days asked Allah (S.W.T) to forgive me but these didn't stopped... I was really suffering from the worse... I didn't eat anything stopped laughing smiling all i use to have were tears... I believ Allah would never forgive me for having them... I cried alot... I repented sincerely cried in sujood and since two days im feeling terribly weak... All i want is to sleep.... whenever i sit anywhere i sleep... last night even while praying i didn't weeped... My heart screamed Allah want me to go away from Him that's why this is happening to me... Im becoming Gafil my Rab will never forgive me... He will leave me to Satan... I don't want this... When i see happy and contended people around me i feel like im the worst person on earth... even angels would be cursing me... Tell me what should i do... How can Allah forgive me... I worth nothing...

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Dear sister, I have some good news for you Alhamdulillah. Please see this video

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you need to seek medical attention. you have symptoms of clinical depression. your dopamine and serotonin levels maybe all out of wack. or it could be worse. are you highly intelligent and in your late teens or early twenties?

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