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Imam hussain was son of imam ali and imam hussain knew the future as what is going to happen as he told to his people who thinks and believes imam hussain gave his life for allah and quran and to save islam and imam hussain already knew he was going to be killed and told his people he will die that time, just imagine as imam hussain knew the future too as he was imam ali son who became rich in heaven by just believing he was born in kaba as kaba is the home of allah which is heaven then just to show people that imam hussain is very nice imam he went to yazeed mind and told him to sleep with his sister and mother then he commanded him in his mind saying to kill him because he knew he made yazeed to sleep with her sister and mother and to wash his sins and clear mind he went to yazeed mind, imam hussain was already king as proofed by shias and islam in heaven. A king of heaven can do anything to innocent people just so that they are alive in future now just imagine imam hussain followers are believing in imam hussain and becoming sinless and becoming angels by saying imam hussain was right and he is with truth if imam hussain was with truth why did he went to yazeed mind and told him to sleep with her sister and mother just to save islam by seeing the future or to keep him alive in the future as he was king of heaven and he knew if he will be killed he will be alive in the future and he will get many believers.

Can you believe now the world believes imam hussain gave life just to save islam, why would allah of islam would be worried that his religion will be finished as allah is neither dead or alive and he cannot be finished as stated by all shia and islam followers. Prophet mohammed said allah was from the begining of the world and known by different names then why a big lie showing they are right in front of the world. Evil religion must be punished by god if any religion says he is with truth then he must take action immediately against imam ali and imam hussain and rest of ahlulbait so innoncent people dont do adultry or sleep with there sisters or mothers.

Even those in iran who died and believes in imam ali and imam hussain are still alive and there dead bodies are still fresh because they believe they are right, i have told the truth here now what you will do after knowing the truth. As god is with truth. Now you know how imam ali and imam hussain and rest of ahlubait are still alive because they knew what will happen in future and made good believers bad by going in there mind just so that they are alive. I am innocent thats why i am writing it here as i love god.

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This is not a question and will be deleted soon Or will be moved to community site under Current Affairs Section !

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