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AOA .. i hope u are have a great time in your life..i was having it too till i fell in love with a woman. My love with her was one sided .. she never liked me ..she had respect for me i am a kind and modest guy but she didnt loved me..May be it wasnt the time to propose her i mean we both were in same class in school i am in another college and she is another ..she got angry when i proposed her i pleaded to her to remain friends with me and i promised not to love her.. so she is my friend and doesnt have hatred for neither love ..she is neutral ..But i still love her i miss her every day .. i tried for months and months Asked ALLAH FOR HELP to remove the love and desire for her but he didnt .. i couldnt break my promise .. i cant tell her how much i love her i started to cry every night every day in namaz ..Asking ALLAH why are u doing this to me?? and just asked for forgiveness ..things got worse when i saw a dream.. my daughter was born to the woman i love ..she was beautiful i holded my daughter for just moments in dream and then that dream went away ..i woke up and i was in misery .. i wanted to see my daughter again but can i ?? the mother she was born to in real world is not mine she will never be mine ..Why ALLAH GOT so curel to me ?? i love him i prayed to him but still he is doing this to me ??why ..i wanted to see my daughter again i asked ALLah for one more DREam and after 15 days i saw my daughter again in a dream ..i want FATIMA I WANT MY DAUGHTER ..BUT COULD I GET THEM ?? I READ OTHER ANSWERS ON DUA MArrige questions which seems pretty cruel to me.. if i love some one so much why i just cant get it ??... i dont like living anymore .. i hate my self i hate my face i hate my life i want my daughter i want to spend my life with her and her mother .. but ALLAH WONT give them to me cuz its only my wish not her(fatima) this is my dua its arrogance .. and besides that i cant break my promise ..i am not beautiful and rich as FATIMA IS .. i can get rich if i work hard but i dont think her parents would like me .. mY Life is over if i dont get her i would pray to ALLAH TO give me death ..Just help me before i am ending up in grave..Help me Muslims ..just tell a way to get her tell me some dua that can make ALLAH grant my dua ..or give me reason to laugh smile and enjoy life ?? have i got any ..

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Wa alaikum assalaam, first thing comes first. Offering salaat or namaz is meant only for us, for the sake of our deen and duniya and hereafter get better Not Allah needs it in any case. And there is a lot of answers for any dream we see not what we see. Better not say about your dreams in public or with any immature person, always share your important queries or dreams with authentic and mature scholar. There is lots of Dua's for everything in Islam. Thing is if you have faith and patience then only you can get the benefit from it else its not your cup of tea as i m watching your immature sayings. First of all, stop your kiddy behavior towards that girl and towards all around you. Take a chill pill, calm down a bit. Think everything step by step. In previous msg Abdul Wasay bhai said quite right that if you really wanna marry her then go directly to her parents or guardians and ask them her hand or else leave the topic. Move on. Life wont stop for anyone.

Allah says in the Quran which means that in tough times take help from Salaat and Patience. Surely Allah will provide you better.

Destiny is also a important part in islam, those who have faith in islam, must have faith in destiny whatever it will be. Be grateful always, coz the life we are living, some one wishes for it.

Follow Islam as it says. All the good words are from Allah and all the bad words are from me and satan. May Allah ease you in your journey and guide all of us. Aameen

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Invoke Allah with best of His names and make dua. If Allah wills, she will be your woman, if,not Allah knows better as you do,not know that He knows what she knows.

You should propose for marriage. There is no other Islamic way. You may need to talk to her brother or father for that purpose.

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