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okay so im 18, and i was watching a (certain) show that has alot of episodes. i tried to stop because it was causing me to loose homework time, ect.. I trid to stop but i always ended up watching it! oh and the show is not astagfrulliah nasty or anything explicit it was just causing me to miss homework! then i thought i'll promise to allah, and i said i promise on my --- lives i wont watch more of this show..but then i ended up watching it..after i thougth what have i done?? i asked forgiveness from allah and said astagfurillah, and that was 4-5 months ago. Alhamdullilah my parents are healty, but i keep fearing because i did break this promise.. i love my parents, and beacause of this i keep getting depresses, fearful, and have axiety!! please help me. someone als online said in islam only promises and oaths on allah and the Quran count, and to stop worrying but i have anxiety from before so i think about this too much! And i know people have to leave this earth one day or another, but I keep thinking when my parents will i will be the cause, blame myself, or will go insane :( i feel like an idiot for making a promise on my parents for such a small thing, i wish i could go back! i asked forgiveness but i'm still scared! did this promise even count, and me breaking it? will my parents insha allah be okay, and how do i stop thinking i will be the cause of their health problems, ect..please i beg you help me! :( i haven't even watched that show and its been 4 or 5 months,

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oh and will i be punished for this?? i feel so bad and sorry! i just love them too much! what do i do!!?

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oh and can you please pray for me and my family we have been in problems for over 2 year, maybe that's why i keep freaking out, im just so scared, i'v said sorry and asked for forgivness, and i will never make promises on anyone or anything especially for such small things, :)

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