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Salam I'm currently facing a hard time at work. My boss has been bullying and harassing me so I can leave. She also mentioned few times about giving me a warning but when I replied back you can as I've done the work to the best of my ability. Then now she has got her boss involved regarding agreeing future performance.

I've never been in this position before when someone one hated me so much. She was acting the same to a new girl (we both started at same time) and now she is off sick with stress. I have evidence to prove that I've been doing the work she told me to do. But for some reason she is never satisfied. She thinks I sit there being bored but in reality I always do what she asks me to do

Now I have a meeting with her, her manager and me so I'm so depressed. In my career I've never been brought in by someone like this. I have no dnergy to defend myself.

What do you think could be the cause of this? What dua can I read for peace? As I cry everyday after getting back

She is definitely an oppressor I've been goung through this for past 9 months

Please help

Jazak Allah

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