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I really want to convert to Islam. I would like to become very involved, but I don't know where to begin. I'd like to join a mosque, but I don't know where to find one. Could anyone help?

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Search up in your area local mosque and find the leader and tell him you want to convert to a muslim, if you are a guy talk to the guy leader and if you are a woman talk to the woman leader

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Islam is too have to take ashawer to clean your self up from your hed to your feet and jest say (..ash'had an la ilah illa allah wa anna mohammad rasool allah ) that mean ...i testfide and i know is no god but allah and mohammad is the messenger of allah.. And you be came amuslim..after fhat you have to go to eney mosqe near to you and tell eney one that you want to no about your islam and he going to tell you what to do next... I hope my anser is helpful... Allah with you and lead you to the light of the islam.

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Find and start taking to an Imam at a local Mosque, just google a local mosque and ask him all the question that you seek. Next ask him for some book that would help. All it takes to be a Muslim is to follow the 5 pillars of Islam:

The shahada (The believe that there is no other god to worship other than god, and Muhammad swt is the final messenger), Salat (5 times a day prayer), Sawm (fasting during the Month of Ramadan), Jakat or Zakat (giving at least 2.5% of earning to the needy, poor, or charity) and Hajj (the Pilgrimage to Mecca once in your life time)

There are some other rules out there, but those are the mandatory task to be a Muslim.

You can use for a full free online audio Quran with many different reciters and translation.

Goodluck and Peace be with you.

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Visit a nearby mosque or Islamic center and ask to speak with a sheikh. Make some friends there and gradually learn all that you can. Islam is a brotherhood so you will not be alone and conversions to Islam are very common.

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