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My father wants to marry again despite me and my sister, both are eligible for marriage by age. All of our relatives suggest him not to do such act, but he is reluctant. To give his motive a good ground, he made some stories like my mother maintains extra marital relationship with our drivers and guards. Narrating those stories, he beats up my mother very hard and left her unconscious. As we support our mother, he also beats us and tells us to leave his house as he does not want to keep relation with anyone of us.

Now, what should I do as a son of this family? what measures can I take to protect the life and right of my mother and my sister?

Ashraf Ul Islam Bangladesh

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Asalamu Alaikum Muslim Brother,

I know that this might cut into your education, but as the son of the mother and brother of the daughter, you should take it up onto yourself to find any form of work and not have to depend on your father.

I truly feel agitated for you that you are dealing with this kind of situation. I truly hope that this answer will help you.

Also, find out if you can get some financial support from your government. It'll be a major step for you towards becoming self-dependent. if you gain self-dependence (INSHALLAH Ya Sami3ul Aleem), you will become the head of the household and you will be able to work your way from there.

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Asalamu Alaikum Muslim Brother,

you are a in a hard situation and it makes me sad, but try to be independent search any source that you, your mother and sisters will survive without him.

Allah is merciful and he will guide you Insha allah.

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