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I found many questions here relating to urine drops but not exactly like my problem. Usually whenever I come after urinating, 1 to 2 or 3 drops comes out. Because of which I gets Na-paak and my clothes too. Because of this problem I avoids Salaat and further acts which requires Paakizgi. I can wash those parts again and again but can't change my underwear again and again, on job, coaching, etc. Suggest me what should I do? Can I avoid that Na-paak underwear and perform salaat? Because now I want to perform salaat I can't avoid it my whole life!!!

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Thank you for your question.

Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem (Famous Islamic orator from peace TV) writes:

'..most likely that these feelings are from Satan and you should not pay attention to them. I advise you to sprinkle you private part and your underwear with water after urinating. Whenever you get the feeling that something came out, ignore it and convince yourself that this is the sprinkling that you did. In few days, you will notice that this feeling disappeared.'

Also remember brother that the only thing that is not permissible if a person has najaasah on his clothes is prayer, even if he has not broken his wudoo’. Other actions such as reading Qur’aan etc. are not haraam. And Allaah knows best.

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Thank you so much for this. I hope its only satan. I'll try to convince my self as much as I can - Indeed, Allah is the great forgiver! You just like saved my life sir. JazakAllah!!

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According to some scholars very minor impurities does not cause the clothes to become impure. And you can still pray in them.

But you may also wish to change your undergarment before prayer as this problem only affects your undergarment not your pants.

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You're absolutely right, but I can't change it on work and other places except home :-/

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Do you urinate whilst sitting? That solved for me because I have that problem as well:

Ā’ishah (ra), the Prophet’s ﷺ wife, said to a group of women, “Tell your husbands to clean themselves with water because I am embarrassed to tell them. This is what the Prophet ﷺ used to do regularly.”5 Cleaning yourself, with either a solid substance or with water, is so important in Islam that once when the Prophet ﷺ passed by a man’s grave he told Ibn ‘Abbās (ra) that the deceased man is being tortured, but not for a major sin: “He didn’t used to clean himself after urinating.”6

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Yes I do while sitting! and after urinate I push my testicles to make sure its empty (I read about this somewhere) and it works sometimes and sometimes not :-/

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Use tissue it helps.

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