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Hello, I'm 16 years old, My problem is that I'm living In a place full of ignorancy, And I want to get knowlegde and push my life for the best. My family is silly, THey are so curel and boring. So I had to think of having a GF; Good GF, To make my life happy. Also THis Gf Could be from Canada Or USA, I live in Algeria, And I have a full Want of Marrying One from USA or Canada. So what you Say about it. THank you :)

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I'm not philosopher, teacher or much experienced, I'm just ordinary user or this website. But with all the knowledge and experience I have, I can say, Having a Girl friend is not allowed in ISLAM because of the obvious reasons:

1, If you've a girl friend so obviously you'll talk with her (as talking to Na-Mahrams is not allowed in Islam).

2, You'll see her (This is also not allowed in Islam, You've to make your eyes down when a Na-Mahram Girl is in front of you).

3, Also when you meet her, You'll touch her by hand shake or for other reasons (which is Strictly Not Allowed to touch opposite gender without having lawful relation with her).

Right now I have only above reasons in my mind. I hope its enough to answer your question and to clear your point of view of having a girl friend.

~May Allah Guide Us and Shower His Blessing at All Muslims!

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My dear, may Allah bless you and reward you for helping out. Thank you for your answer! But I will clarify that Islam does permit men to talk to Non Mahrams and even to look at them (although ofcourse not with desire)

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By talking I dont mean flirting as happens between friends of the opposite gender. Avoiding such talk is purer for the hearts of both the man and the women. How many people got the wrong message when talking with the opposite gender and were left feeling used and cheated when things didnt turn out as expected.

(Mar 27 at 07:34) IbnFaruque IbnFaruque's gravatar image

Thank you so much for a such reply, It's perfect.

(Mar 27 at 16:52) BadrUkraine BadrUkraine's gravatar image
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