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Salam.i am girl aged 18 I pray 5 times I love my religion I try to do all sunnah things im trying to be a better muslim everyday but im the only person who prays at my house my parents are muslim but they dont pray they follow some things like no alcohol they dont eat haram very different from them and this makes me always fight with them I feel so depressed becoz I make my parents sad I dont follow all ALLAH's demands I feel like im not worth for nothing im really lost

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It's normal to feel depressed sometimes but watch out yourself to not give in this phase completely. You can acquire stability by reciting a good amount of salaam on Beloved of Allah- saullallaahu alaihi wasssallam .

Been in the same situation as you, four years ago, I know now what I should have done that day and age. Another suggestion I can offer is to read good books regarding your troubles and increase in knowledge. Keep yourself and your mind busy in good and healthy things, so you won't have time to fight with them over small issues. This way you will widen your Qalb (heart). Maybe sometimes it'll look like a huge struggle but that's only what our minds make out of it.

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Religion is all in your mind

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