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Some one said something like this " Muslims loves to preach about the wrongs of slavery when Muhammad PBUH had slaves and slavery - including sex slavery - is justified and encouraged in the Koran." Where in the quran does it say that,also where in the quran does it talkabout freeing slaves.

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My email is hope to hear from you id really like to talk to another person looking to convert

(Mar 28 at 22:24) MegWilliams MegWilliams's gravatar image

yeah no problem.

(Mar 29 at 01:27) AsifIs AsifIs's gravatar image

Ah sorry for responding so late I'll email you

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I was actually taught the same thing in my Christian school; however, when I researched that wasn't true. Muhammad was a good and just man and prophet of God eventhough I was told he was a street rat. Hope I can help hear you are looking to convert so am I we should talk sometime

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don't know about being a street rat. but i don't know about good and just either. at least not by modern standards. clearly slavery is allowed in islam. and there are several torturous punishments in the hudood portion of sharia. also the inheritance laws favor males. their are some strange beliefs about dogs and magic. they belif in these invisible beings called jinn (i think there is a movie coming out). and they think there used to be giants and they say there are two huge tribes of people imprisoned behind some great iron and copper wall in china?

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oh yeah, and some of them tend to blow themselves up for their god. and some like cutting people's heads off. just google "syria beheading" if you don't mind grusome images.

saudi arabia just passed a law saying that atheist thoughts are akin to terrorism. so don't have a crisis of faith while on your hajj. and don't saying anything bad about muhammad around any muslim. they tend to go bezerk if insult him.

if you google "books of jihad" there is some interesting reading. the one by ibn nuhaas is like 180 pages but the preface on page 7 gives you a good idea where it is going.

(Apr 03 at 15:03) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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