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.... Dear All , Assalam alay kum , A question was asked by someone here , that , music Prohibited or what? , Hello, I'm a Muslim, and My question is, What Islam Say About Music? Thank you :)


asked 2 days ago BadrUkraine 15●1

Which was ansewered by some one here as follows

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link answered yesterday i_urooj 30●2 @i_urooj why is it prohibited? what if it is music that uplifts Islam? why would Music exist if if was prohibited? I can understand most modern music is Sexual and not appropriate; however, there are so many clean songs out there that are good and even uplift Allah or God. Music is nothing more then talking in a tune so for music to be prohibited is the same as saying there should be no talking music is just a way of expressing something that needs to be said. so yes there is very bad awful music but there are also very bad awful words and phrases so please explain.

(yesterday)MegWilliams How about clear music, Without Someone sining?

(yesterday)BadrUkraine , So i further asked , as follows , ....Dear Answerer , thanks for replying the question , but , first would you please reply , that , whether , music is prohibited in Islam or not ? , Because question is asking ........what Islam say about music ? , If it is prohibited , then , would you please cite any authority for that ? , Sorry for any trouble ,

But it is not replied , so i have asked this question ,

Mansoor Noorani answered yesterday Mansoor Noorani 10 ,

But it is not replied , so i have asked this question , And i hope some body replies , and , satisfies me and others ,

With regards

Mansoor Noorani

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IN THE NAME OF GOD!Assalam alay kum,Supreme Leader Khamenei:Q1131: What is the definition of music and ghinā’? A: Ghinā’ involves the rise and fall of the voice in a way that suits the gatherings of lahw. It is a sinful act, which is ḥarām for both the singer and the listener. As for music, it is to play musical instruments. If it is done in a way common in gatherings of lahw and sin, it is ḥarām for both the musician and the listener. Otherwise, it is permissible in itself and there is no objection to it....Q1138: Is it permissible to learn to play music, especially a dulcimer? What is the ruling on encouraging other people to do so? A: There is no objection to using musical instruments to play non-lahwī tunes if it is for revolutionary or religious chanting or carrying out useful cultural and other programs aiming a rational and ḥalāl purposes provided that no other bad consequences may result. Also, learning and teaching playing music for the above mentioned causes are no problem.....Q1143: What is the ruling in the matter of buying and selling musical instruments? And what are the limits of their use? A: There is no problem in buying and selling musical instruments that serve dual purposes, intending to use them in playing non-lahwī tunes.You can visit this site:

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.......... Dear persiangulf1666 , Assalam alay kum , thank you for replying , Any Authrity from Kuran e Sharif or Hadith Sharif ? , please , thank you

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