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Salamu aleikum everyone, we all know from the hadiths that people who make images will be very very punished on the day of Judgement. And some people define "images" as drawing or sculpting animated/living things like humans or animals etc. Now I have a question that's persecuting me for a very long time and it makes me very confused. Since video games do have these kinds of images, am I allowed to play these games even if I did not participate in making these images ? The makers of the video games are the guilty ones, they are the ones who made images to their own detriment. Me, I didn't make images of anything. Well I'd say i'm innocent since i'm just someone who plays games with the intention of having fun, not to encourage or support the making of images. Will the one playing the game be punished also ? Even if he did not participate in the making of the images ? And i'm wondering the same thing about watching cartoons. I even see some Islamic cartoons or even that cartoon movie about the story of the Prophet sallallahu aleyhi wa salam. I've been looking for a clear answer to this but I couldn't and I don't play these games since that time and I really want to play but I can't find a clear answer so I don't want to take the risk. So can somebody please clarify me on this in sha Allah ? Jazakallahu khair

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