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I get a long period every month at least 12 Days when can I start praying since my period Is so long

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IN THE NAME OF GOD ! Salam.Ayatollah Sistani:Issue 438:"Menstruation for more than three days and not more than ten days, and if a little less than three days is not menstruate".10 days of menstruation. It is then for Asthazh.In Asthazh low (ie blemishes) woman must purify himself and change his clothes and make ablutions for every prayer, a prayer, midday and evening and night obviously you immediately read an ablution is enough for both. But Asthazh average (more than one spot) for a dip after morning prayers of cleansing do and a place to take ablution and pray the midday and evening and night came the same state of purification clothing and a place of ablution each prayer is enough. But Asthazh high (high blood) and an ablution to perform ablution for every prayer, a prayer, but the two together is enough to read a wash or change clothes to the laundering

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